Nigerians in Southern California (NISC) have announced a solidarity meeting for Saturday,
January 14 to decry the oil subsidy removal by the government of President Goodluck Jonathan

In a statement, today, the group sent a specific message to Mr. Jonathan, reminding him that “A
leader who demands loyalty, but offers nothing in return builds tyranny; and tyranny offers
nothing but failure. Empower every citizen, and you will gain strength. Offer security and
justice in the form of liberty, allowing every citizen to be safe from conviction without cause or
prison without charge - to work, eat, and live on the sweat of his or her own brow – and you
will be great. Not only will you receive the loyalty of your people, but their love as well. GEJ,
this is your chance to be great - don't waste it. Lead from the heart.”

Describing the hardship that removal of the oil subsidy removal will bring to the average
Nigerian, NISC said the government should:
• Revamp all the refineries and build new ones;
• Provide regular power supply;
• Provide public transportation systems such as railways;
• Repair the roads;
• Eliminate the corruption associated with supply and distribution of petroleum products in
the downstream sector of the oil industry;
• Trim excess wages and entitlements allocated to high government officials;
• Adhere to the rule of law;
• Be transparent;
• Be accountable;
• Govern well; and
• Lead by example

Saturday’s rally, to which all Nigerians and their friends are invited, will hold at10 A.M at:
6430 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028-7906 (Near CNN Building).

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