It was with a rude shock that the news of  the death sentence passed on  Al- Mustapha who was found guilty over the death of Alhaja  Kudirat Abiola came to many, one expects that in the spirit of  reconciliation for the purpose of peace and unity of Nigeria . That the worst one expected on the judgment should that of a long term jail for  Al- Mustapha and not death sentence, but to the greatest surprise of many he was sentence to death by hanging.

The court should have taking into consideration that Al- Mustapha had been in prison since 1999-2012 and is a period of 13 years, there are people who have done worst things than Al- Mustapha have committed and yet there were over looked.

Example of such is the Niger Delta militants who killed many and made the nation to lost billions of naira , at the end of the day they were granted amnesty.

Today the president is waving a green leaf to the Boko Haram  who have killed many souls and may be at the end of the day it will end up for amnesty .

The death of Alhaja  Kudirat Abiola  should be seen as what came and went with June 12, sentencing Al- Mustapha to death will not bring back Alhaja  Kudirat Abiola  back to life, but rather it will deepen the bad blood between the North and the South west, and which no one  knows what it will generate into.

Chief olusegun Obasanjo should be jailed for the Zakibiam and Odi  Massacres because they happened during his time.

Why is it that up till now no body have got the boldness to arrest Gen Ibrahim Babangida and question him over the death of Dele Giwa , because it happened during his time.

Why must  Al- Mustapha   own be different case. We have shed enough blood in this nation and there is no need for more, lets not forget that all that Al- Mustapha did was done under the instruction Gen Sanni Abacha and as a soldier can not disobey the instruction of his boss.

Where is Sgt Roger who was part and parcel of the whole thing and even the same Roger who before the open court begged Al- Mustapha for all he said against. Openly saying that he was lured into saying all that he said against Al- Mustapha with promises of reward.

 Let Nigerian plead on behalf Al- Mustapha and call for justice to be tempered with mercy, as it is the only way that the nation can be moved forward


David Kalu


Campaign For Democracy

Abia State


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