Saharareporters has learned that soldiers guarding the Kaduna government house fired at a director at the Kaduna state Ministry of Information after he failed to stop at checkpoints mounted by security agencies around the government house.

A police source told Saharareporters that the director, Isuwa Kiforo, a  director of Finance and Administration at the state's ministry in information was injured and is currently receiving medical care at an undisclosed hospital.

 "A combined team of security agencies fired upon a vehicle driven by a man suspected to be a suicide bomber after he manouvred past the first of the three checkpoints at the Kaduna government house… as he approached the second checkpoint he took to a wrong lane to avoid being checked, it was at this point that shots were fired on his vehicle by vigilant security agents on guard. He was injured and immediately rushed to the hospital", says the police source who did not want to be named.

 It could not be learned if the gunshot injuries were life threatening.

  Security Report:

“It was around 1:28 pm when the man forced his way in to the Government House, and our soldier colleagues started shooting. His tires were later flattened, instead of him to come out and raise hands up by surrendering. He then started coming towards us, other security fled those that were courageous continued firing until he felled down.

“The CSO to the governor, and our other top security officers also rushed and witnessed the whole thing happening like movie. From far he was throwing hands as if he was holding something. The more he was doing that the more the soldiers were scared that he is in possession of explosives in the car. Finally, when he was grounded some civil servants in the Governor’s Office identified him and also Alhaji Saidu Adamu, who is the Commissioner in the Ministry of Information identified him later."

“He was then rushed to 44 Military Hospital close to the Government House soaked in the pool of his blood. The Governor is in Abuja when the incident happened. Immediately the shooting were going on, people started running that Boko Haram had attacked Government House. This is what happened. From look of things the man would hardly survive, he bled for a while before he was taken away. Search was conducted on his car and nothing was found incriminating.”

 Similarly, Kaduna State Commissioner of Police, Ballah Nasarawa addressed a press in regards of the matter.

The CP said “Today, 13th February, 2012, at about 1328 hours, a combined team of security personnel attached to Government House main gate, Kaduna, intercepted a Toyota Corrola Saloon car with Kaduna state official Reg. No. Kaduna KD-06-A 04. The driver drove dangerously in a suspicious manner towards the Government House gate. The security personnel stopped the lone occupant but instead of stopping, he forced himself through the exit gate and found his way into the Government House.

“The security agencies thereafter, opened fire and shot the suspect on the leg and the lower abdominal part of his body.The suspect was later identified as Pastor Isuwa Kiforo (M) of no. 7, Abba Rimi road, Narayi, Kaduna, who is the Director, Finance and Administration, Ministry of Information, Kaduna state.

“He was rushed to 44 Army Reference Hospital, Kaduna, for treatment, after he was given first aid by a team of medical personnel attached to the Government House. The vehicle was thoroughly searched in my presence by our anti-bomb disposal experts and nothing incriminating was recovered. In essence, neither weapon nor explosives were found in it. Investigation into the case has commenced.”

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