The United Action for Democracy (UAD), Lagos State Chapter hereby declares its absolute support and solidarity for the Lagos State Doctors illegally sacked by the fascist government of the state.


The issues are very clear to any discerning mind. It is a case of government irresponsibility. How can a responsible government sign an agreement with the Doctors only to renege? The fact remains that the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN)’s government in Lagos State signed an agreement to abide by the letters contained in CONMESS. But the Lagos state government turned around to claim that it could not pay because it’s financially constrained. 


The question should be asked, didn’t the Lagos State Government (LASG) factor in the consequences of signing the agreement before it went ahead and signed the agreement with the Doctors.


The LASG’s arguments basically rely on sentiments, which include the so-called Hippocratic Oath and pretense to true federalism. These hold no water! The LASG’s inhumanity has been clearly demonstrated by the wicked sack of the doctors; it’s support for hike in fuel price and electricity tariff.


It should also be noted that LASG’s action contravenes several of the ILO convention which Nigeria is signatory to. And what of the right to go on strike? This kind of insane action is unprecedented in the history of this country.


We of the UAD, Lagos Chapter therefore condemn the illegal action and subsequent call for their re-instatement withiut delay. We shall march side by side with the Doctors in the legal steps and on the streets to right this wrong.


To Mr. Babatunde Fashola, we say ‘no fist is big enough to hide the sky’! To the Doctors, we say ‘our day shall come’ and we believe ‘an injury to one is an injury to all’. The Doctors’ ‘laugh shall come last’!!




Comrade Abiodun Olofinade

General Secretary, UAD, Lagos State Chapter

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