Jama’atu Nasril Islam (JNI), Nigeria’s umbrella Muslim organization today challenged the leadership of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) to explain why suspected ‘Christian’ terrorists are dressing in Muslim attires while attempting or commiting terrorism in Nigeria.

In a press statement signed by its secretary general Dr. Khalid Abubakar Aliyu, JNI said it was vindicated because in a press statement in February 2012, it demanded explanations from the President of CAN President regarding why some Christians were being arrested dressed in Muslim attires in the course of committing acts of terrorism.

Listing several such cases, JNI reiterated its demand for explanations from thee CAN President, calling on him to stop chasing the shadows by giving the Federal Government what he calls “The final call”.

“JNI reiterates that had Mr. John Alaku Akpavan (the man arrested at the Radio House) were to be Muslim; the story will have been different,” the statement said.  “But it is evidently manifest that hence he is a Christian, then he is either insane, incapacitated or “they belong to my brother” but if the suspected or arrested person is to be a Muslim, he is a terrorist, Boko Haram or a fundamentalist.”

The Muslim leadership assured the government and the good people of Nigeria that it is working seriously towards the harmonious co-existence of the Nigerian federation, and that it is ready to co-operate with whoever wants to work in that direction.

“It is our fervent ‘DU’A that religious, political and traditional leaders of all levels will come together and salvage our dear nation from the shambles of corruption, greed and maladministration,” the statement said, calling on everyone to avoid provocative statements that are capable of overheating the polity.

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