My attention has been drawn to the above story on Sahara Reporters written by an Abuja Journalist Godwin Onyeacholem that made reference to Jude Imagwe's attendance of 2012 Int'l Youth Day Lecture of African Centre for Media & Information Literacy who is Special Adviser to the President on Students and Youths.

I am not holding brief for Jude Imagwe but I am privy to this event and how Jude Imagwe was invited to attend and what transpered at the function. I feel compelled to state the facts before the public for the avoidance of doubt. The picture painted by the writer of this article is very wrong and absolutely untrue. Jude Imagwe that I know is an extremely humble and God fearing Youth who is just fortunate by providence to be an SA to the President. He was invited to the Programme on the morning of the event and he still honoured the invitation. He was not called to the high table at the event and he never complained. He indeed came in late for the programme and apologised when he got a chance to talk and stated that he had to come because of the importance of the celeberation of the Youth Day. He later apologised that he had to attend another function and left. Contrary to insinuations that he hurried the organizers to get a chance to talk, he sat with few of his friends in the audience patiently and only got up to speak when he was called upon.

I am, therefore, alarmed to see lies told on your medium that he walked into the venue arrogantly when infact he came in quietly and sat among the audience. If the author of the article in question has anything to settle with Jude Imagwe, he should do so but not by feeding lies to the public.

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