Admitting failure as National Publicity Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), spokesman Olisa Metuh said on Thursday that he was ready to resign from the position and move on to other things.

Speaking with reporters covering the party, Metuh noted that he has never failed in any assignment, but regretted he was on that very road in his present job.

He blamed his predicament on reporters covering the PDP, whom he accused of refusing to cooperate with him in his role as the spokesperson of the ruling party.  He said however that rather than fall on his face, he would resign and return to law or estate management.

It is doubtful if Metuh would seriously consider abandoning his powerful position, which he assumed only in March 2012, although he complains that since the beginning of the crisis in his party, he has been enduring sleepless nights and having people accuse him of incompetence.

“I am ready to leave this job and go and practice law or estate management, or even ask the party to make me deputy national secretary or even deputy woman leader,” he said, jokingly.  “Please help me stop this problem,” he begged.

If he was hoping for sympathy, Metuh received no commitment from his audience apart from one television reporter.

Even that reporter reminded Metuh of his habit of rudeness to reporters, including himself, stressing that such arrogant behaviour was unexpected of someone managing the image of a party as big as the PDP.

Another reporter, who works for a government radio station, advised Metuh to “forgive” the independent media and focus on those of the government as he tries to revamp the image of the party. That suggestion appeared to have impressed Metuh, who nodded as the reporter spoke.

On Wednesday, Metuh met with Bureau Chiefs in Abuja and begged them to help kill anti-PDP stories received from their reporters.  On Friday, in continuation of his campaign, he is billed to meet with editors in Lagos.

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