As they beat the drums towards what no one has control over at the moment the 2015 elections and the Nigeria State. I honestly get fed up with listening to the caricature of the so wonderful conviction nonsense of many political jobbers anointing and endorsing non performing persons and with the way the media in Nigeria trips out in their quest to showcase inglorious rubbish. The mediocrity of conviction politicians that have been misguiding the leadership are every now and then been drummed and hailed by the shady media, not damning the damaging consequences the nation is been inflicted with catastrophically.

We all know that leadership is responsible for everything good or bad that a nation faces and it depends on whose table the bulk ends, it is also about not a position or power, ego or pride. But it is all about a passion on touching lives, motivating, performing, checking and removing barriers, training, preparing, and above all focusing to re-direct for the good of all by way of growth and development.

Nigeria is one of the Africa’s centres of Afro journalism and political democracy activism. This is a nation that have witnessed failure of left and right, it is a nation that have once witnessed the bitter pills of civil-war, it is a nation that the establishment and its opposition have never seen reason to agree and forge a common front, this is a nation with no political ideology, it is common evil to mount principled arguments against elitist as their reaction has had to come with damaging ramifications. Critical to the fight against non-performance is the inability of the media to move beyond presuppositions and stereotypes reporting in our attitudes and policies towards repositioning the nation for good, hence the need for an affirmative action to form partnerships that transcend parochial differences between governance and the feelings of an "us" and "them" view of the of the ordinary citizen today in Nigeria.

Least to mention, I can dare to say that the type of leadership we presently adore is one that never ever take a good look at any data of underperformance that can really make them know and understand what’s going wrong, unfortunately they are more concern to seeing the deceptive data generated to deceived their sensibility of believing that they are performing well even if it is the opposite, and the resultant effects of it of course are failures. At no time can any leadership or those in government be negligibly casual about issues of education, health, and security than we see now, as to toy with these is as messing with a whole generation to waste.  Alas, the nation has found itself roped in these abysmal mess and the consequences have been the resultant state failures. But encouraging failure doesn’t mean to abandoning supervision, due process, or respect for sound best practices, it is expected of those at the helms of affairs to realise that managing for failure goes beyond mere office exigencies but requires executives to be more engaged and nothing less.

We are all humans and mistakes are inevitable, especially if you found yourself assuming responsibilities impromptu and unprepared, things usually go beyond ones abilities. Our political leadership must not shy away from admitting such, not as failures but as mistakes especially when they are launching innovation initiatives to move the nation, a good leadership cannot abdicate its responsibility to assess the nature of its failures in an effort to deliver good governance.

The Nigerian ruling elites belongs to the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP), the so-proudly largest party in Africa which has been in the helms of Nigeria’s leadership affairs and governance since 1999. But 14 years after the nation is still not near the honey nor the milk land, too many mistakes, too many inadequacies. Some are excusable errors as a result of the world economic downturn; others are simply the result of sloppiness, corruption and clueless leadership.  Any nation that cannot pride itself with honest men of integrity in the affairs of governance will surely have no bearing.  Any leadership like the one we have, which have refused to recognise its failure and not willing to take a close look at what is happening and why it is happening can never understand than tell the difference.

What we surely have today are failure-tolerant leaders, much more as the majority citizenry survives below a single one dollar per day, the elitist rulers have continued to be deceiving self with unrealistic 7% growth rate figure of an economy that have since crashed beyond real redemption due to corruption. A good proof of this is the Power situation in Nigeria, with so many failed promises electricity has remained a mirage.  If only our political leadership can be decisive to identify excusable mistakes and approach them as outcomes needing to be examined with all seriousness, re-approached them, and built upon them, they will be illuminating a renewed prospect. 

To proof better leadership, addressing the issues of refineries in our nation will not only make the economy grow but also reduce the wastages in outflow of foreign exchange, it will create employment, reduce cost of daily needs and above all generate substantial capital inflow revenue for the nation through the numerous linkages, whose multiplier effect will go far than imagined. The education sector need complete resuscitation, a nation with poor and undelivered semi-literate population will continue to go down and the resultant effect is the high risk of anti-social vices. Our Universities have continued to remain as centres of strike and travails, and this cannot be said to be good as research activities have gone dead. Hence how can the nation neither innovate nor think wisely to move the direction of the rest of the world? The health delivery system has remained hallucination and had degenerated to comma, a mere ulcer diagnosed need to take a patient for medical tourism to India, Egypt or Germany yet our almighty rulers see nothing abysmal in it.  

For Nigeria to crave success, our political leaders must re double efforts at halting their failure rates, they need to imagine the grievous pains such inadequacies are causing the populace. No nation can develop a breakthrough process of development with a leadership that is not willing to encourage true patriotism and statesmanship in dealing with its mistakes. All these leadership failure behaviours, such as lack of strategic conflict avoidance pathways to political game playing, contribute to flawed, mistrust and malaise administration. And in the short and long term produces ineffective leaders that are extremely self-cantered and may routinely put their personal needs ahead of the nation’s interest.

Most Nations State failed because of the abysses of its leadership. Hardly has there been any failed state without communities, tribes, religious or its diversifications been factors of its disharmonies. A plain truth is that our country Nigeria despite of our heterogeneous nature with assemblage of big and small ethnic, religious, and linguistic differences and interest, it has never been visible as it is now the fear of cleavage in splitting or the tendency to split which has continued to create disharmony in the land since the advent of the present administration. And be it as seen it is a minus of competence on the part of the leadership.

I welcome the advent of the mega opposition party in Nigeria the All Progressive Congress (APC) it is a welcome moment in the political development of our nation, as any democracy without a constructive and viable alternative will definitely derail. The opposition voice is an impetus to awaken the giant ruler that slope to sleep, absence of good alternative    is more a contributor to the root cause of nation-state failure. In other words, the failure of the ruling class cannot be ascribed primarily to the inability to govern but can best be ascribed baldly to the lack of strong opposition to check their excesses.

In Nigeria today those that found themselves in power do as they wish, while the weak suffer what they must at the detriment of service delivery. I often said that the best we can hope for as a nation is strive to build a very strong and active populace followership that will have either political will or activism zeal to confront and advance the cause of internal goodness in the system. The days when tyrants and un-performing leaders have their ways and say are over, so are the regimes that take the nation to developmental crucify, the choice come 2015 I guess will be different than the usual, we should expect a shift of great powers to not act in their own self-interest but in the interest of the larger that entrusted in them with such power.

For now we are yet to get it right as a democratic nation, as we are in constant state of anxiety, nervous tension, insecurity, corruption, nepotism, tribalism, religious bigotry  and rumours to summarize it all. Our political leaders need to shift away from been unsettled and be focus on what they are chosen or elected to do, as those that challenge accepted wisdom always come out more successful.

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