An aide to Ondo State House Assemblyman,  Soji Akinkurolere, foiled an assassination attempt Monday when five gunmen raided the lawmaker's private residence.  Akinkurolere escaped with his family, without harm.

"I was on the other side of the road when I saw a vehicle parked some distance from the residence with men inside," a neighbor in Okitipupa told SaharaReporters. "I was surprised when I saw a man, whom had been sitting in the front seat of the car, come down from the residence and start making phone calls.  Immediately he dropped the calls, he tapped the other guys seated in the back seat and they headed to the home of Honorable Akinkurolere.  The last thing I heard was sporadic gunshots."

The five gunmen turned up at residence Monday evening demanding to see the Assemblyman.  An argument broke out with his aide, and gun shots were fired.  The noise and call from the aide alerted Akinkurolere and his family who escaped out of the backdoor.  

Gunmen searched the residence for an hour and caused property damage to buildings and vehicles with their random shooting.

SaharaReporters called the lawmaker and his family for comment, but calls were were not returned.  

Okitipupa Divisional Police Station would not comment on the assassination attempt, but vehicles belonging to the Assemblyman, marked with bullet holes, could be seen parked outside.  

A source said the case had been turned over to the criminal investigation department at Command Headquarters in Akure.  

Ondo State Police Spokesman, Wole Ogodo, confirmed the case had been transferred, and a business man has been arrested in connection with the assassination attempt, and is helping police with their inquiries.

Sahara Reporters read the statement given by the suspect in which he wrote he did not send anyone to kill the lawmaker.

In the same statement, the suspect said he was both a supporter of the lawmaker, helping him win his assembly seat, and a frequent critic of the lawmaker on social media.

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