A senior security officer in Cameroon has confirmed reports that its security personnel are presently holding three suspected weapons suppliers to the Boko Haram sect carrying out attacks in Northern Nigeria. 

The source told SaharaReporters this morning after several enquiries.  

According to the source, a senior military officer, who is among those working on its anti-Boko Haram strategy with Nigerian military, the three weapons suppliers were captured on Wednesday in northern part of the country around the Cameroon-Nigerian border.

He refused to reveal their identities but said a large cache of sophisticated weapons were found in their possession as part of their likely transactions with the sect in mainly North-eastern part of Nigeria.

He added that they have been taken to Maroua with the weapons, where senior security personnel are interrogating them. 

He denied insinuations that the country is not supporting Nigeria, saying, “It is not true, am not in position to discuss diplomatic issues but we are cooperating, no one harbors terrorists because of its consequences, thank you.”  

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