Reactions have been trailing the announcement of the American government’s commitment to assist the Nigerian government in rescuing the over 200 girls abducted from government girls secondary school Chibok. While some see it as a positive step in the direction others think otherwise. One thing that unites Nigerians on both side of the divide is the desire to see the innocent girls freed as soon as possible.

Hearing about young school girls of 16 – 18 yrs being sold as slaves is naturally heartbreaking news for every heart that still has an ounce of humanity in it. Since the abduction of the girls, we have been hearing a lot of stories and have been given a lot of assurance down from Borno up to the peak of Aso rock but the only thing we saw is a fresh video of Abubakar Shekau sarcastically mocking the the government and even claiming to have sold the poor girls as slaves in his own slave market.

On the fear of America

Many people have been voicing their fear that with the coming of the Americans, the Nigerian state will end up becoming another Vietnam, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan or even Somalia. But one does not need to be a historian to understand that the situation in the democratic state of Nigeria is completely different from that of the aforementioned states. The United States entered into Iraq and Afghanistan with the primary aim of over throwing the regimes of Saddam and the Taliban respectively, whom were seen as threat to the Americans. America entered into Somalia for peace keeping mission not to occupy the already troubled state. They also went into Libya when the country was in an all-out civil war where they helped the rebels to over throw the government of Gaddafi.

In all the cases mentioned above one could clearly see that the forces Americans fought against were relatively popular unlike the the army of bandits that terrorises the north eastern part of Nigeria operating from Sambisa forest. It is clear that the presence of the Americans will have nothing to do with changing the country’s leadership, so we naturally do not expect that to affect the stability of our nation.

Evolution of Shekau

Anybody that watched the latest video released by Mr. Shekau will understand that the man has graduated from the local terrorist he used to be. He has now promoted himself to the international level. He now directs most of his threats towards president Obama, Hollande, Bush, Clinton, Putin and others. The arrogance of  Shekau has now reached the extent that he vowed to capture the most powerful president in the world (President Obama) and sell him in his own slave market.

Going by the way Shekau is speaking no reasonable government in Paris or Washington will allow the psychopath and his fellow terrorists to continue in that direction because they will one day export their arsenal of terror to those countries. It is better and easier to come down to Sambisa and finish them before they go ahead with their evil mission.

Boko Haram at war with other Muslims
The infamous Boko Haram leader did not limit his threats to those he called ‘Arna’ but he rather went ahead to explain what he means by the term. So according to Mr. Shekau’s definition of ‘arna/kafirai’ (which means ‘infidels’ in English language) is anybody that believes in democracy irrespective of his or her religious belief. According to their beliefs Infidel is somebody that believes in constitution, infidels are those that recite the national pledge and national anthem and the group vowed to shed the blood of every ‘Arne’ in Nigeria until they establish a state based on their doctrines. They will not relax until they made sure that every school is closed down, every young girl is married by the age of nine, and every young boy is sent to ‘Al-majiri’ school for them to recruit into their army of terror.

Government’s failure

The failure of the 'clueless' government in Abuja to nip the insurgency in the bud since its resurgence led to the total collapse of law and order in some parts of Borno and Yobe states. The problem by all indications has gone beyond the capacity of the Nigerian government. The insurgency is now beyond Nigerian border, it has spilled to Cameroon, Chad and Niger republic. And the governments of those countries cannot fight the war alone. They need the help of the countries that have the best Satellite Reconnaissance Systems, the countries that have drones, the countries that have all the latest gadgets of modern warfare. We therefore need the Americans, the French, the British, the Chinese and others to come to our rescue.

Written by Auwal Iro Bello

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of SaharaReporters

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