Cameroon has deployed about 1000 of its troops, and dozens of armoured vehicles to its border with Nigeria, as a way of helping to stem activities of the Boko Haram Islamist sect around north-eastern Nigeria.

According to spokesman of the Cameroonian Ministry of Defence, Lieutenant Colonel Didier Badjeck, the troops “will help to carry out reconnaissance, and be ready to respond with enough fire power.”

Nigeria’s leaky borders with its neighbouring countries has always been identified as one of its major weaknesses in combatting terrorism, as the Boko Haram’s foot soldiers have previously launched attacks, only to flee into Cameroon for cover.

They have also organised a few attacks in the region, most notably the kidnapping of 10 Chinese workers in the central African country in the middle of May. A soldier was also murdered in that attack.

Paul Biya, the Cameroonian President, was unwilling to get involved in Boko Haram’s battle with Nigeria, but he changed his stance during the recent regional security summit in Paris, which was attended by all of Nigeria’s neighbours that share the common border.

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