Concerned Arewa CitizensThe Concerned Arewa Citizens after submitting the proposed Bill at Kaduna State House of Assembly.jpg A new drama is unfolding following the recent arrest and allegedly registration of Northerners in Southern Nigeria, as a group of Northerners under the platform of ‘Concerned Arewa Citizens’ this morning submitted a proposed Bill seeking registration of all Southerners in the North.

The group presented the proposed Bill to the leadership of Kaduna State House of Assembly, which promised to look into it and act in the interests of its people.

According to the group led by their leader, Audu Bulama Bukarti, Northerners are suffering from several brutal acts while being in the southern region. Those acts include armed robbery, what they call ‘terrorism,’ human trafficking, baby factories, and other social vices perpetrated by Southerners, hence the need to pass the Bill into a Law so as to contain the menace.

Parts of the letter titled ‘Covering Letter for Registration of Southerners and Allied Matters’ which was sent to SaharaReporters read “The above named platform forwards to your good office a Bill for a Law to provide the registration of Southerners and other matters related thereto. “This Bill is proposed for your consideration to protect our State against Drug and Human Trafficking, Kidnapping, Baby Factories, Armed Robbery, Importation of Firearms, Pipeline Vandalism and other Terrorist activities which have become prevalent in the South.

“Our dear State has suffered and still suffering from most of the aforementioned criminal activities whose proliferation is partly due to the right of haphazard entry and exit accorded the Southerners who are the masters of these evil. Thus, passing this Bill, subject to any modification this great house might make, is not only appropriate but necessary.”

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