Danfulani John A university lecturer in Kaduna State University, Dr. John Danfulani has petitioned the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) over Friday’s killings of Shiites in Zaria.

Danfulani, who is a convener of the Centrum Initiative for Development and Fundamental Rights Advocacy (CEDRA), said the killings requires an independent probe

Part of it read: "On the 25th July 2014, the Shiite sect embarked on their annual international QUDS procession. The rite is part of their last Friday of the month of Ramadan activities that was declared in the 1980s by the spiritual leader of the Iranian Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Khomeini .
"Here in the Nigeria, the sect has been observing the QUDS tradition for the past 32 years in many cities. Most of these processions went without clashes, with either the law enforcement officers, or public. 
"This year's procession ended with incidences of shootings of Shiite members in Zaria. Their leader, Malam El-zakaky, lost three of his children and other members. Till this moment, corpses of two of his sons and those of his members, have not been given to them for burial. And they are yet to have access to the wounded in the hospital. 
"The right to peaceful protest in support or against local or international issues is constitutionally guaranteed and supported by many international protocols. The only time such rights are lightly tempered with is in war with other countries and emergency rule. To the best of our knowledge, we are in neither,” John Danfulani continued. 
"We therefore condemn in the strongest of terms the shooting, and killing of peaceful protesters in Zaria on the 25th of July 2014, and call on for a full independent investigation of the Zaria killing by bodies charged with monitoring, and reporting of human rights violations.
"Governments in Nigeria must know that the dark days of ruling with impunity are over and have no place in a democracy. The chief duty of the State is to protect life and not take it away without authorization of the body responsible of snatching away life from citizens. 
"We want to use this opportunity to thanks the leader of Shiite In Nigeria Malam El-Zakkaky for his restrain and calm disposition to the great loss of his sons and members. We will walk with him and his organization in their quest to seek for justice on the QUDS procession incidence. And we pray to God to forgive the souls of those killed and grant them Aljana," John Danfulani concluded.   

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