SaharaReporters has learned today that Dr. Stella Adadevoh, who treated Nigeria's index Ebola case, is not the doctor who survived the deadly virus.

Dr. Ameyo Stella Adadevoh In a statement from the Ministry of Health, a spokesman makes clear that Dr. Adadevoh, the first Nigerian to be diagnosed with the disease, has in fact not been discharged.

See Also News Nigerian Medical Doctor Survives Ebola, Discharged From Treatment Center In Lagos The ministry further states that the nurse who recovered and was discharged today is a medical officer who worked at the hospital Sawyer was treated in. That patient's name was simply given as Ada.

Further, SaharaReporters has learned that not only is Dr. Adadevoh still being treated for Ebola, her condition may have in fact gotten worse at the treatment center. A family source who spoke with SaharaReporters claims that the doctor, who initially raised concern about Ebola in Nigeria, is suffering in the isolation facility. 

See Also News Ebola Isolation Center Patients In Lagos Neglected, Suffering In Squalor Last week, SaharaReporters reported that families and associatesof those in the Yaba isolation center in Lagos were concerned about the level of treatment their loved ones were receiving in isolation. Complaints of inexperienced doctors, callous neglect, and squalid conditions were expressed.

Read the statement below:

It has been brought to the attention of the Honourable Minister of Health, Professor Onyebunchi Chukwu, that the first Nigerian to be diagnosed of Ebola Virus Disease, a female doctor who treated the index case and who was discharged home from the ward yesterday, is being reported in some sections of the media to be one Dr. Adadevoh.

The Honourable Minister whished to clarify that the name of the patient is not Dr. Adadevoh. This should be noted.

The minister's statement yesterday, while indicating that it was a female doctor, did not indicate the name of the patient.

Dan Nwomeh

Special Assistant on Media and Communication to the Minister

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