The fire incident that engulfed the Glass House housing the Nigeria Football Federation raises a lot of questions.

Side of the building untouched by the fireSide of the building untouched by the fire

Some of which are why, at this crucial time, that the top echelon of the governing body are under investigations for various offences. Elections for the NFF Executive Committee are set to hold next week, and Nigeria’s Super Eagles are billed to begin their Africa Cup of Nations qualification matches next month, making this a critical time. 

Sahara Sports was at the scene of the blaze and observed the following oddities.

1. Fire emanated from the President’s section:

Anyone who knows the Glass House knows it is a three story building separated by middle vertical pillars, with the President and the Secretary General’s offices (the two most important people) situated on the left-hand sections of the 3rd and 2nd floor respectively. It therefore becomes mind-boggling that that particular section of the building was the most affected by this incident, with the level of destruction suggesting the fire must have emanated from one of the offices in the 3rd floor.

2. Other sections of the Glass House were untouched by the incident:

Apart from the affected areas on the 2nd and 3rd floor, the other sections of the building were in perfect condition, which also leaves more questions than answers, like why no damage whatsoever reached the other side, as if particular offices were targeted for the fire

3. Maigari's late arrival:

The fire was said to have started in the early hours of the morning, and it is therefore curious as to why the President of the NFF would only arrive the scene around 11am; hours after the fire started and after men of the Federal Fire Service have quenched it.

4 Maigari and Secretary-General Musa Adamu going into the building immediately after fire was extinguished:

Any fire incident scene is a potential criminal scene, and the security operatives on hand shouldn’t allow anyone access to the structure. However, Maigari, alongside his Secretary-General Musa Amadu were the first to be allowed into the building after the fire was doused. These people are also potential suspects in this case and should be treated as such, instead of being allowed access into a potential crime scene.

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