Months after his inability to visit murder sites in the troubled Southern Kaduna region of Kaduna state, Governor Mukhtar Yero finally surfaced in the ‘killing field’ today, while angry women protested, naked, against the governor's negligence and poor leadership.

An indigene of Sanga local government, residing in the United States, Barrister Sunday Ugah, who is presently in Nigeria, sent our New York office pictures and details of the governor’s visit to Fadan Karshi, where terrorists killed over 40 persons last week.

Ugah said all attempts by some prominent politicians to dampen the protest fell on deaf ears as the women said the governor was on a political campaign and not making condolence visits.

His e-mail read “It is absolute nonsense that, since March to date, about 1000 people have been killed in Southern Kaduna. [The governor] never came until today, in the name of last week killings, but we all know it is for political reasons. He came in company of hundreds of security personnel. We have no business with his politics, but we will speak in the ballot."

“Over 200 were killed in March in Kaura local government, he refused to go there. The same thing happened in June here in Sanga, over 200 were killed. Our parents protested almost naked and we told him he is not a leader but a combination of deceit and lies."

“Next month we will take our case to Chatham House in London, where we will address the world of the genocide going on in our villages, and how representatives from the Senate down to state assembly have failed us completely."

"We are not docile, we are documenting everything, the senator is only bothered about her re-election like the governor, the same for all the politicians. And the world will hear us, they are killing us like animals and none of them can raise a voice because of vested interests.”

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