Local authorities in Cape Town, South Africa have ‘indefinitely’ closed down the Open Mosque for not having any parking spaces, a violation of a municipal ordinance.

open mosqueopen mosque

According to a BBC report, the mosque which opened amidst much controversy just  three days ago has been closed down whilst its owner, Dr. Taj Hargey, applies for the proper building designation, a process that could take upto 6 months to complete.

Ganief Hendricks, City Councilor of Cape Town, has stressed that the closing of mosque was not politically motivated, but simply a matter of bringing the mosque within compliance of local government laws.

"There are issues of health and safety to consider before [a mosque] is set up," Mr Hendricks said.

Mosque owner, Taj Hargey, has previously said that he was opening the mosque to foster inclusiveness and to recognize the more tolerant nature of Islam during the time of Prophet Muhammed.

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