Dr. Damages Show 155: Why Prophet T.B. Joshua Lost The Power To Raise The Dead Dr. Damages Episode 155

Have you noticed that Nigeria’s First Lady, Mrs. Patience Jonathan, has not accompanied her husband to America in a long time? Na only him waka come the U.S. – Africa summit. Na only him waka come the UN General Assembly. Is it that the First Lady is tired of coming to America or is something else going on? Dr. Damages’ crackreporters investigate.

At the United Nations, President Goodluck Jonathan made a great speech. Dr. Damages shows you proof, from the speech, that illustrates how our dear president has advanced from “people confuse small stealing with corruption” to people confuse small lying with misinformation.

This week, Prophet T.B. Joshua bribes reporters to spin the story of his hostel collapse into a good yarn. Does that tell us anything about his miracles? Dr. Damages goes to the archives to bring you Prophet T.B. Joshua like you’ve never seen before. Dr. Damages asks a question nobody else is asking: does the trimming of his goatee take away his power to raise the dead?

Where is Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor since the $9.3 million dollars arms smuggle scandal broke? Dr. Damages’ crackreporter goes to Edo state to bring you an exclusive video of how Pastor Oritsejafor is spending his days in isolation.

Abubakar Shekau 2.0 is dead. Dr. Damages visits the laboratory that makes the Shekaus and predicts when Shekau 3.0 will be rolled out of the factory floor.

With just O’Levels, Zimbabwean First Lady, Grace Mugabe, earns a PhD in just a few weeks. It sets off fire storms in her country as students and academia protest her bogus doctorate. Dr. Damages places her alongside Nigeria’s president who has a legitimate PhD from University of Port Harcourt and the difference is clear.

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