A man who claimed to be representing northeastern Nigerian islamist sect, Boko Haram spoke in Hausa language regarding the ongoing dialogue between the sect and the Nigerian government in an attempt to free abducted Chibok girls and negotiate a final ceasefire between Boko Haram and the Nigerian military. Boko Haram membersSuspected Boko Haram members

Below is the full transcript of the word  Danladi Ahmadu who on Friday announced cease fire on behalf of Boko Haram,  as  monitored by SaharaReporters in Maiduguri.

 I am Danladi Ahmadu and a member of the group and also working as internal chief security officer. Apart from security work, I am working as a senior advisor in the group.

First I wish to explain to you to know that, Imam Shekau is not dead as claimed because recently there was even communication and so he is alive.

On the girls that we took from Chibok, all that we want before we free the girls is to get justice from the Nigerian state because there are many of our members that their business premises were destroyed, some killed and others in detention and many other oppression.

Our people under detention are too many and they did nothing and many of them are just ordinary members.

The girls are fine, they are eating food and in good shape except challenges of reading in the camp. It is a lie that they are exposed to serial abuses, they are fine and in good health condition.

All that we want to say is, it is not everything happening that is from us; some criminals are carrying their own act in the name of our group.

Regarding the cease fire, we are talking and it will continue when some people deeply involved are back from their trips. We are discussing with Nigerian government and it is one Hassan that is leading the team.

He is directly working with Nigerian President and we will continue talking when our own people return. When it is clear the girls will be free and the world will see.

By the special grace of God we have cease fire and by the grace of God we will in the future create avenue and people will hear it directly from our leader, Imam Shekau.

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