Community leaders in the Bronx are calling for increased protection for African descended students after a pack of young boys yelled “Ebola” whilst beating two young brothers of Senegalese descent.

Drame family

According to the New York Daily News, the boys Amadou, 11, and Pape, 13, who were both born in the US but had been living in Senegal until one month ago, are said to have been harassed by school mates when one of the brothers sneezed in the lunch room.

A fight allegedly broke out involving one of the brothers and both Pape and Amadou were beaten when one brother attempted to help the other. The incident happened at the Intermediate School 318 in the Bronx on Friday.

On Monday, the father of the two brothers, Ousmane Drame, lamented over the taunting experienced by his sons at their school at a press conference organized by the African Advisory Council, Bronx.

“As soon as they go to the gym, they don’t want to touch the ball, they say guys have Ebola, don’t touch the ball,” Drame said.

A representative of the African Advisory Council also chimed in his support of the Drame family.

 “As citizens of this country and New York State, we ask for the equal protection guarantee under the law,” the AAC said.

Amadou and Pape, who were hospitalized after the school incident were released earlier today and said to have suffered no major injuries.

The Department of Education has said that it is investigating the incident although no formal reports were filed at the NYPD over the matter.

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