Brazilian football icon Pele, who was admitted into the intensive care unit of the Albert Einstein hospital in Sao Paolo over a week ago, won’t be released until next week according to his son, Edinho.

Brazilian soccer icon Pele

Edinho (who like his father also played football professionally) also confirmed widespread reports in the media that the former Santos’ star situation has greatly improved and that Pele is responding well to antibiotics.

The three-time World Cup winner was first taken to hospital with a urinary infection, before being diagnosed with a kidney-related ailment which left millions of football followers across the world praying for him.

"Thank you to all of my fans, who sent in their concerns and well wishes to me from around the world. I dedicate everything I have to you! I am doing well, I will recover just fine," Pele, also the deputy chairman of the 2014 FIFA World Cup organising committee, tweeted over the weekend.

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