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Pandemonium broke out on Tuesday in Warri, Delta State when the Special Assistant to President Goodluck Jonathan on New Media, Mr. Reno Omokri and armed thugs working under his instructions allegedly burglerized a house in Bendel Estate, Warri. Early reports say the perpetrators carted away the sum of N25million naira for a pro-Jonathan's support group to buy votes for President Jonathan during the March 28, presidential election.

Impeccable sources who witnessed the incident, told SaharaReporters that Omokri had stormed the apartment in DPPA Housing Estate Warri with armed thugs and some mobile policemen who later fled the scene carrying a “Ghana must go bag” filled with the N25 million naira.

SaharaReporters learned that the property in question belongs to Omokri’s late mother, who is already the subject of litigation after his bid to forcefully evict the occupants from the building.

Omokri and the occupants of the building, the Oyoros, have been engaged in a legal battle over the building which has been leased to Oyoro's wife, Fina Maiki by Omokri's late mother. Fina Maiki was friend to Omokri’s late mother, who passed while the lease agreement was in force.

“Omokri and his armed thugs who arrived the compound in commando like style, shooting sporadically into the air, ransacked the apartment, and stashed the money in a ‘Ghana must go bag’ which they also stole from the apartment. They were well armed and they gained access to the compound after cutting the padlock gate and climbing onto the roof. The perpetrators are said to have left a note behind with the inscription: "eviction notice" bearing Omokri's name, which they had wanted to paste on the wall of the building.

“A similar incident happened in 2014 when the estranged Omokri had, after a court proceeding on the case instituted by him, mobilized some people to the premises and boldly painted on the fence the inscription: “This house belongs to Bemigho Omokri, Fina Oyoro is being evicted at Customary Court in case No 561/2012 even when the court was yet to decide on the matter. Omokri is using the presidency to intimidate everybody,” the source stated.

According to a source the building, which is located at plot 17, 19 street, of DDPA Housing Estate, Ugborikoko-Effurun, opposite the Warri residence of former governor of the state, Chief James Ibori was abandoned for four years. It was in a dilapidated condition prior to the lease agreement, but was given extensive renovation by the Oyoros after the lease agreement they had with late mother of Omokri, Ms Helen Igbene who then resided in Enugu state.

Narrating the incident to SaharaReporters, the occupant of the burglarized apartment and former PDP Ughelli North/Udu Federal Constituency Aspirant, Prince Alex Oyoro, confirmed the story, saying he was away in Abuja when he received a call that armed men led by Reno Omokri unlawfully and illegally invaded and burgled his home.

“Omokri for a long time now has been harassing, threatening, and intimidating my family with the presidency over the disputed property which no court of competent jurisdiction had adjudicated on. My wife called me, saying that some armed thugs have invaded my house and that they came with hammer, cutters, ladders and other items. About six of them wore police uniforms and the others on mufti and they came with three cars. They broke the gate, some flew the fence about 8: am and try to force their way into the house.

“When they couldn’t, they used the ladder to climb through the ceiling and started ransacking the house, for what I don’t know. They saw a “Ghana must go” bag containing N24million and carried it. The money belong to South-South Mandate, and I was to deposit the money the follow day when I return from Abuja but it appears they calculated I was not in town and that was when they stormed my house. As soon as they got the bag they fled but unfortunately for them they left vital information which contains the name of Reno Bemigho Omokri who happened to be the Special Assistant to the President on New Media.

“Before now, this Omokri have been harassing me, claiming that he is the owner of the house and that I should leave the house. Before now he had also taken me to court on the same issue and the matter is still pending in court but he has been trying to get justice through the back door. I don’t know why a man who claim he is working for the President should use the seat of the president to intimidate law abiding Nigerians during this electioneer time.

“I believe the attack was political because if it was a landlord and tenant issues, they could have just pasted the purported eviction notice which ordinarily goes with court judgment, but in this case it was not so, they invaded the house, ransacked it and stole from it while shooting sporadically in the name of eviction. So I believe it was political because Reno Omokri, we know his antecedent. He was an aide to Atiku Abubakar and it was through him that they planted him in the presidency again. So if he is working from the opposition and he is a mole in the presidency this incident would reveal it.” Oyoro stated.

Continuing, Oyoro who is a coordinator of Jonathan/Sambo support group, South-South Mandate, called on the police to investigate the matter and ensure that those who invaded his house and stole from it were brought to book.

“If Omokri is hiding under the umbrella of the presidency to commit crime-the world would know because this is injustice. The trauma we have passed through would not be left to go let that. We have been sleeping in this roofless house like for three days now- it is unfair, injustice and oppression of the higher day and I pray the law must take its course.

“I am also crying to the civil society organization to stand by me on this because this is oppression in high places, I have not done anything wrong to Omokri. I was not the one who took him to court, he did and the courts are yet to decide so where have I gone wrong that Omokri is after our lives?” Oyoro said.

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