SaharaReporters has obtained two videos pointing to a validation of our report yesterday that the so-called anti-Buhari protesters who showed up in front of Chatham House in London today were merely doing a job.

The footage was recorded by a citizen journalist who secretly filmed a conversation with one of the major organizers of the “protest” who said she was paid for the assignment by President Goodluck Jonathan's people. A second video was filmed by Rose P. Graham who co Presents #PolitricksWithKO on BEN-TV in London

In the videos, shown here, the organizer, a female named "Abi", disclosed that her group was bussed from Manchester to the Chatham House venue of General Muhammadu Buhari's speech.

Paid Anti-Buhari Protesters @ Chatham House A Citizen Journalist exposes how Anti-Buhari rally was hatched in London

“That is what I do,” she says on the video, repeatedly saying she would give the reporter her phone number if he wanted to discuss a similar deal.

She said her group comprised university graduates studying for their Masters’ degrees, and asked the reporter to watch out for how eloquently they would express themselves when interviewed.

Asked if she could arrange a similar crowd for Buhari she answered in the affirmative, even bragging that she could make similar arrangements in New York and Maryland (in the United States), as well as in Dublin, Ireland.

Just yesterday, SaharaReporters revealed a memo written by one Chief Peter Mozie, who was also mobilizing people to rally against Buhari in London.

Addressed to Professor Nick Eze, the Director of the Civil Society and Support Group of the Jonathan presidential campaign, he offered his services for $20,000. 

It would be recalled that earlier this week, that group was enmeshed in a corruption scandal, with several members accusing Eze of having snatched the funds he had received from the presidency and of sabotaging Jonathan’s campaign.

One of the members was quoted by Premium Times, which broke the story, as saying: “As far as the presidential campaign organization is concerned, the Civil Society committee is a fraud, adding that Eze had abandoned his office and was running the committee from his bedroom.

Another member of the committee told Premium Times of Eze: “On one occasion, he called a meeting and we asked for accounts, he insulted us and said that he is a personal friend of the president and only reports to him directly.  We are just committee members on paper.”

VIDEO: We Don't Know Why We Are Here - Pro Goodluck Jonathan "Protesters" in London Rented crowd at Buhari's talk...

It is unclear at this point how much Chief Mozie received from Prof. Eze “to defray the cost of logistics, refreshment, and necessary permits to stage the rally.”

Chief Mozie’s letter was copied to Professor Rufai Ahmed Alkali, President Jonathan’s Special Assistant on Political Affairs. Scan Feb 25, 2015, 7_38 PM.pdf Document showing how Jonathan team planned to disrupt Buhari's talk at Chatham tomorrow

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