Segun Ojo Segun Ojo, a former Commissioner for Finance in Ondo State, has alleged that Governor Olusegun Rahman Mimiko has received N2 billion from President Goodluck Jonathan in order to rig the presidential election in the southwest for the incumbent president who is the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party.

Mr. Ojo claimed that the governor, who was elected on the ticket of the Labor Party but defected to the PDP late last year, had perfected plans for rigging the elections in Ondo, Oyo, Osun, Ekiti, Lagos, and parts of Edo States.

Mr. Ojo made the disclosure while speaking to a correspondent of SaharaReporters in Akure, the Ondo State capital. He asserted that the Presidency had given Mr. Mimiko two billion naira to execute the rigging process.

According to the former commissioner, Governor Mimiko had disbursed seven million naira to each of the PDP wards in Ondo State. He accused the governor of recruiting “political thugs” to strategize on ensuring that President Jonathan wins Ondo State at all cost.

“Governor Mimiko can’t lie to me that he didn’t received two billion naira. The money is now been dispatched ward to ward for the purpose of rigging this presidential election,” said Mr. Ojo. He added, “We all can see that the governor has been moving with his agents from one local government to another in the name of gathering support for President Goodluck Jonathan, doling out funds for people to vote the PDP candidate. 

“I bet, President Goodluck Jonathan and his PDP candidates can’t win elections in Ondo State because the people have seen that they were only been cajoled and deceived by the PDP. They know PDP is a failure in Ondo State, and Mimiko came to the party for further destruction.”

Mr. Ojo, who served as a finance commissioner under the late Governor Adebayo Adefarati, criticized Mr. Mimiko for betraying many of his associates who have now left him for the All Progressives Congress (APC). He said many of the governor’s former allies even regretted working with him during his days in the Labor Party.

“Go and ask people who knew the journey of how Raman Mimiko became the governor of Ondo State. They will tell you that he is never a man someone can trust with his own life. We know what we lost for bringing Mimiko into government. He later became the governor, after many people sold their house, properties and some even lost their life for his ambition. He started witch hunting the people that helped him into power. 

“He forgot the fingers that fed him while the road was still very rough. Already, he has failed and if there is anything you can compare him with, it is ‘evil’ because he deserves nothing more from the people of the state than to send him and his Jonathan parking,” Mr. Ojo said.

Mr. Ojo, who is now an APC member, claimed that 18 political parties in the state were ready to support the candidature of Mr. Buhari and his vice presidential candidate, Yemi Osibanjo.

“Buhari must come as president, Mimiko must go as governor. We are ready to show Mimiko out of Ondo State, and if Jonathan is sent parking, our betrayer Governor Mimiko knows he is leaving as well. He has been following the President up and down like a loose dog, lavishing the resources of the state on trips and private costs while civil servants and people of the state are languishing in poverty.

He boasted that Mr. Buhari would garner more votes in Ondo State than incumbent President Jonathan. He said his political organization called Ondo State Rainbow Coalition was working alongside APC party leaders to sensitize residents of the state on the need to send the PDP government packing.

“I can assure you that we would use the current crisis rocking the PDP in Ondo State to gain more support for General Muhammadu Buhari,” said Mr. Ojo. On the recent endorsement of Mr. Jonathan by some southwest leaders, Mr. Ojo said, “Nigeria of today is now different from the one of yesterday. Those elders were bought with dollars and they sold their conscience, especially those parading themselves as Afenifere. It’s a big shame.”



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