Ekitigate: Human Rights Lawyer For Adamu Koli Discusses Military Torture And Confinement Human Rights Lawyer For Adamu Koli Discusses Military Torture And Confinement

In an exclusive interview with SaharaTV, Mr. J. Akinola Ajayi narrated the abduction, starvation, and unlawful detention of 15 year old Adamu Koli by the Nigerian army at the Adekunle cantonment in Ibadan last year. Adamu is the younger brother of Capt. Sagir Koli, the army officer who recorded the then Minister of Defense Obanikoro, Senator Omisore, Governor Fayose, and other leading political officials bribing army Brigadier General A.A. Momoh to rig the Ekiti State elections for PDP.

Mr. Ajayi, who is the lawyer responsible for locating and investigating the unlawful detention and horrible treatment of Adamu, told SaharaTV that he was held for nearly five months “in order to catch the brother Captain Sagir Koli” who had fled for his life after releasing the audio tapes of the Ekiti State election scandal.

From a legal perspective, Mr. Ajayi said that Adamu was detained longer than is outlined by the constitution. He was never taken to court” and added that “he should not have been held responsible [for his brothers actions]. His human rights have been abused.” Mr. Ajayi said that there is no law in Nigeria which calls for transferred malice, where Adamu could be punished for his brothers actions.

When asked whether the military knew of Adamu’s treatment, Mr. Ajayi said that there was a military officer watching over him the entire time Adamu was chained to the bed.

Brigadier General A.A. Momoh, who Mr. Ajayi met with during the course of his investigation into Adamu’s whereabouts, was uneasy around human rights lawyers and alluded that Adamu “was a security risk” so he will not answer questions about him.

“In confinement he went through psychological trauma,” and “was praying for his dying time till he was left the hook” over concern for himself and his brother. Adamu also needed to seek medical attention once Mr. Ajayi released him from his captivity.

Mr. Ajayi said that the military is wholly responsible for the treatment of Adamu, and that they are “taking up a suit against the army for substantial damanges on behalf of Adamu.”

Major General Chris Olukolade, the Spokesman for the Nigerian Defense Forces, could not comment on the situation because he says he has not been briefed yet.

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