President goodluck Jonathan in Lagos

President Goodluck Jonathan yesterday maintained that he deserves the votes of Nigerians as his party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has done well in many sectors in the last four years.

Dr. Jonathan was answering questions on an African Independent Television (AIT) program, Kaakaki.

Stressing that PDP still has the most formidable structure among the political parties, he said he was not worried about the possible outcome of the forthcoming presidential election.

He said: “I believe Nigerians should vote for me and I want Nigerians to vote for me because we have done well. Sometimes, as a government, we are busy working and we don’t advertise what we have done.”

“Sometimes, it appears not much (is done). Nigeria is a very big country…If you assess what we have done in a number of areas, we have done quite well and I believe that if Nigeria is linking up to where we were before and what we have done over these four years of government, they will want us to continue to make sure we at least complete some of the ongoing programmes.”

“We believe that in several areas, we have tried and we are working very well and if encouraged in the next four years, at least Nigeria will be able to stabilize in various sectors.”

The President however admitted that it will be tougher to win the election now than it was in 2011.

He said: “In 2011 there were four strong parties. The PDP was strong, the ACN was strong, the CPC was strong and the ANPP was strong. So we had four strong political parties presidents sharing the votes of Nigeria. Yes I agree with you it was easier in 2011 but PDP is still the dominant party.

“In 2011 we had three presidential candidates against the PDP it was easier. But if these three have come together no matter how strong, in politics coming together also has a cost. As a second term president, globally in 70 per cent of the cases it is most challenging for the President to secure a second term than first term.”

He noted that people from the PDP that gave the opposition the strength it currently enjoys, adding that if the PDP elements were to leave the opposition, they would crumble.

He said: “Even the opposition will tell you if they are realistic. Who has strengthened the opposition? Are the not the PDP elements? If you remove the PDP elements from the opposition, they will just crumble like a pack of cards.”

“Why are people aggressive towards the PDP to the extent that even the presidential convoy is stoned? Why do you show that aggression? If you are comfortable, you will not do that.” he said

Jonathan maintained that the increasing victory against the insurgents close to the election period was not political, as the military had just started receiving about 65 per cent of the required equipment to fight the insurgents.

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