The Buhari Vanguard asserted today that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is planning to scuttle Nigeria’s rescheduled elections, warning that such an attempt will lead to the collapse of the nation’s democracy.

A statement signed by Jasper Azuatalam, the chairman of the group, cited a “random Sampling call” recently made to Nigerians recently by the PDP and President Goodluck Jonathan within some areas they hope to win the 2015 presidential election.

INEC Suspends Controversial 3,000 New Polling Units “They employed about 500 young people with an NGO called Soitress under “Forward Nigeria” at the office of the daughters of Abraham Foundation, along Kado Mabuchi express way FCT to execute the job,” Buhari Vanguard said, adding that the FCT center is in charge of the North central states, and that they collect the thumb prints of the employees two times every day.

“We have received verifiable and confirmed information that over 70% of those called by the organization in Nasarawa, Benue, Kwara, and Kogi insisted that they will vote for the candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Gen Muhammadu Buhari amidst the persuasions by the callers to vote for the nominee of the Peoples Democratic Party, Goodluck Jonathan.”

The group said the result of the “Random Sampling Calls” has again triggered the fear of an imminent defeat in the camp of the PDP, leading to strong suggestions by the PDP think-thank that the 2015 general elections should not be allowed to hold, as that is the only way to stop Gen Muhammadu Buhari from being the president of the of Nigeria on May 29, 2015.

Buhari Vanguard stated that the February elections were postponed after the presidential candidate of the PDP failed woefully to defeat Gen Buhari in any of the online polls conducted by National Television houses and other independent organizations, or even in the one organized by the PDP itself, and that Mr. Jonathan and the PDP had no option but to buy more time to attempt to revive his electoral fortunes.

“We fear because, if the witch cried in the night and the baby died in the morning, another cry of the witch the following night will leave the mother in a sleepless night.  At this point when there is no more room in the constitution to postpone the election, we fear that any attempt to reschedule the 2015 election will lead to the collapse of our nascent democrac

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