Screenshot of Obanikoro blocking SaharaReporters from his Twitter feed

SaharaReporters discovered today, March 11, that Senator Musiliu Obanikoro has blocked it from following, viewing Tweets, or commenting on Senator Obanikoro’s Twitter.

This dramatic revelation came after SaharaReporters’ tweets to Obanikoro were denied by the social media platform. SaharaReporters social media policy, in order to engage its readers more directly, is to tag those individuals mentioned in its reporting.

Senator Obanikoro has been making headlines in Nigeria due to his involvement with Ekitigate where he unlawfully manipulated the Ekiti State elections on behalf of President Jonathan, bribed a military officer, and plotted the arrest of APC leaders. Additionally, Senator Obanikoro made several attempts to be confirmed by the Senate as minister—which was only recently authorized.

SaharaReporters made sure that it tagged Senator Obanikoro in every story published and shared on social media. It seems that reports of his illegal acts, misconduct, exaggerations, and embarrassing ministerial confirmation attempts proved too much for his Twitter feed.

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