PVC On Our Radar

Concern is building in Delta State amongst would-be voters who do not yet have their permanent voters cards (PVC).

Rumours have been spreading that PVCs that have yet to be collected are in the hands of party agents and canvassers, who will distribute them on election day.

An On Our Radar reporter in Delta State photographed five bags of PVCs in the hands of party canvassers. One canvasser, who wishes to remain unnamed, confessed that he was "given instruction not to issue cards today, but wait until election day to distribute them." He explained that he believed the PVCs had come straight from INEC, as it was an easy way for them to ensure remaining cards were distributed. The canvasser could not confirm if any money had changed hands for the bags of cards.

Damasus Henry, a local resident, believes that this tactic is being used by the party candidates to sway or intimidate voters. He explained that "there is fear that they will impose [upon] you to vote for so and so person. If you vote for my candidate, you will have your PVC card, this is the main threat we are having now."

He continued by explaining that "the voters who don't have PVCs are scared and not willing to vote. PVC issue is the main threat. Otherwise, for those who have PVCs there is excitement about the elections."

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