In an open letter to the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, General Mohammadu Buhari, the Value and Integrity Group (VIG) has urged him to ensure, if he wins tomorrow’s election, that Nigeria’s political system is sanitized to save the Nigerian people the shame of producing leaders such as Ekiti State governor, Ayo Fayose. Ayo Fayose

Noting that Buhari has dismissed the reckless death wish of Governor Fayose, the group said in the statement signed by Coordinator Sina Odugbemi and Secretary Popoola Ajayi that it felt duty-bound to let Nigerians know that the former and current governor of Ekiti State is mentally unstable.  

It cited in that regard the investigation by the State Security Service (SSS) on the politically-motivated killings in the State from 2003 – 2006, recalling that the SSS found that Governor Fayose was always on drugs, saying, "He is said to be a user of hard drugs which make him to be highly unpredictable, and might have been responsible for some of his irrational acts."

According to VIG, “The detailed report of the SSS which linked Mr. Fayose with narcotis and murder of several persons was tendered and admitted by the Ekiti State High Court in a libel suit instituted by him against the Independent Network Communications Limited (publishers of The News magazine). In dismissing the suit the trial judge held that Mr. Fayose has no reputation worthy of protection by any court of law. See Suit No HAD/81/2004.”

The group further drew attention to Fayose’s excessive rudeness to Chief Afe Babalola SAN, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and several other leaders, noting that on the maltreatment of his own father, the SSS said, "Oluwayose (Pastor), the Governor's father gave a brief in 1995 to Emmanuel Chambers to restrain Ayo Fayose from further assaulting him over a change in his marital status. He once put his father in his car boot."

In that respect, VIG recalled that just last week, Segun Fayose, the governor’s elder brother, issued a statement where he dissociated and distanced himself from his irresponsible behavior.

“It is a pity Nigerians are celebrating criminals,” it quoted the older Fayose as saying. “I am angry with Nigerians for electing somebody like Ayodele as governor. As a result of Fayose’s attitude, many people believe that Fayose family is rude but it is far from the truth. I have spoken to him many times, but he refused to listen. Buhari and Obasanjo are old enough to be his father and I don’t know why he should be rude to them." 

It said Segun Fayose’s reasoning cannot be faulted because he was elected governor despite the fact he was standing trial at the Federal High Court for corruption or stealing about N1.2 billion through a poultry scam, and also standing trial for the murder of Dr. Ayo Daramola and Mr. Tunde Omojola at the Ekiti State High Court. 

“But he was declared the winner of the Ekiti State Governorship election last year. The rigging of the election in favour of Mr. Fayose has just been exposed in an audio cassette recorded by a serving army officer, Captain Sagir Soli. Other people who featured in the cassette Mr. Musiliu Obanikoro, Mr. Iyiola Omisore, Jelili Adesiyan and Chris Uba.

“With support of Jonathan Government Mr. Ayo Fayose has become the Sole Administrator of Ekiti State,” VIG reminded General Buhari.  “He is working with only two commissioners, seven members of the House of Assembly. After leading thugs to beat up judges [he] chased [them] out of their courts [and]the rule of law has been suspended indefinitely in Ekiti State. As a matter of fact, the Courts have been locked up so that aggrieved individuals will not challenge the illegal actions of the civilian dictator. Knowing that culture of impunity cannot be tolerated under the Mohammadu Buhari Presidency Mr. Ayo Fayose does not want the status quo to continue.”

It appealed to Buhari to save the Nigerian people “the shame of producing leaders like Mr. Ayo Fayose and other drug barons and addicts including the one who has been wanted by a District Court in the United States of America but who is contesting a senatorial election with the endorsement of President Jonathan.”

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