Rotimi AmaechiRotimi Amaechi

In an interview with SaharaTV, Governor Amaechi of Rivers State expressed concerns for free and fair elections in Nigeria. He told SaharaTV that he has not addressed the people of Rivers State because he needed to take precautions and “be careful not to be shot by the army.”

He discussed that “the president is abusing the results after taking it from the polling village.” Amaechi stated that he refuses let corruption happen within his jurisdiction and “in the case of Rivers State, we are determined to resist. The president cannot get away with that kind of result.”

When speaking of Goodluck Jonathan, he stated that he has “no respect for law, no regard for even rules.”

Governor Amaechi also supports the desires of the people in Rivers State to protest, recalling that over 8,000 people had protested INEC recently. He said “I will leave the whole matter to the people and stand back and watch as their governor.”

He said that he is yet to speak with the president since “The president does not conduct the election. The one who conducts the election is the electoral commissioner”.

When asked whether he thinks the elections should be cancelled in the entire country, he said that he “does not support cancellation of election in the entire nation but just Rivers State.”

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