Brigadier General Momoh, who plotted to steal Ekiti gubernatorial election

The controversial Nigerian Army officer, Brigadier General Aliyu Momoh, who was implicated in the rigging of the June 2014 governorship election in Ekiti State, today resurfaced in its politics when he confronted the 19 Assemblymen who want to impeach Governor Ayo Fayose.

The legislators, led by the Speaker of the House of Assembly, Babatunde Omirin, were entering Ekiti through Ita –Awure, accompanied by two truckloads of policemen, when they were accosted by General Momoh at an army checkpoint.  It is unclear how and why an army general would have been doing checkpoint duties, which, when necessary, are normally handled by the police or the army’s lower-ranked personnel.

General Momoh detained the speaker's convoy until thugs hired by Governor Fayose arrived at the scene and began to harass the legislators, one of whom told SaharaReporters they scampered into the bush to escape being lynched.

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