Boko Haram militants attacked and  killed at least 20 people including women in Borno Village yesterday; a fleeing resident has told Saharareporters.
The notorious group stormed the village of Debiro on motorcycles and pick-up vans burning down homes and shooting indiscriminately at the villagers.
The militants then rounded up at least 20 villagers and slit their throats.
 Debiro is in Hawul Local government area of Borno state.
’’It was in the afternoon time when we started hearing gunshots and people were running helter-skelter, there was confusion everywhere, some were shot dead and many had their throats slit. We were helpless as our foodstuffs were carted away by the rampaging militants who later burnt down most of the houses in our village.''
 ''I can't say tell you the correct number of people killed, but at least 20 people including women had their throats slit.''‎ the fleeing resident told SaharaReporters. 
Luka Yakubu, a resident in Kworjafa village near Debiro, told SaharaReportersby phone that after Boko Haram attacked Debiro village in the afternoon some people fled to Kworjafa, he said an unspecified number of villagers were killed. Debiro is a remote village located in southern part of Borno state; it's about 246 kilometers from Maiduguri, the Borno state capital.

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