Nigerian Senate is a senate of fools, blockheads, Ignoramuses, and idiots.

Yes, of course I know this description of Nigerian Senate by a Nigerian is offensive to some, may be more than some people. Nonetheless, it is true. The Senate is made up of callous, indifferent, stupid fools who keep silent in the face of tyranny while the nation and its people are dying. Bayo Oluwasanmi

Nigerians are their own worst enemies to a country we all pretend to love and care for. The 81 senators who backed Saraki no doubt were co-opted by the forces of greed. It's no surprise that the 81 fools, blockheads, ignoramuses, and idiots passed vote of confidence on Saraki for fraud and forgery that reward him with the senate presidency. 

Thanks to these fools for given refuge to a con artist who presides over a senate of one of the richest countries on earth, yet with the largest number of poor. Frankly, there is something very wrong with us as a nation and as people. The elected 81 senators sold their souls, their bodies even their mothers to the devil – Saraki.

Nigerians have never learned anything all these years. We're taken for a ride, a wild dangerous and reckless ride by our not so honorable senators. Eighty-one senators in cahoot with a crook and thief whose family for more than a decade have taken us for a wild ride to the dark side of life, to poverty, and to looting our banks and the treasury.

Nigerians keep returning same damn people back to office. In fact, our National Assembly is no different from the feudal lords of the Dark Ages, passing their seats from father to son or to daughter. Make no mistake about it, they all laugh at us as we line up every election to cast our votes. Do you blame them? Of course not! They have good reasons: we don't take any actions against those who vote or support the devil against us, the citizens. We return them back to office.

There is such a frightening criminal collusion among the 81 senators. The disaster, suffering, sadness, poverty we have been experiencing as a people is a result of this collusion. As Nigerians, we handed over our destiny of a decent honorable life to a bunch of crooks, and decadent senators.

Everywhere you turn, it is the crooks and thieves that run the National Assembly, run the treasury, run the Central Bank, and until March 28 run Aso Rock. Nigerians, do you ever wonder why the 81 senators passed vote of confidence on Saraki who should be in jail by now? What do you think of the character and caliber of the 81 senators? 

The 47 PDP senators and 34 APC senators who passed vote of confidence on Saraki did not support or share the anger of Nigerians over the forgery of the Senate Standing Order by Saraki and co-forgers. The senators claimed that the criticisms and police investigation into the forgery of Senate Standing Order amount to sustained interference in the internal affairs of the senate by distractors and media propaganda against the senate and senators by selfish politicians. 

Internal affairs of who? By who? And for who? When has criminal offense such as forgery become “internal affairs”? Is the Senate now a family affair? Who owns the Senate? Nigerian people or the damn fool senators? Can you see the lawmakers at their best as lawbreakers? The 81 senators who support Bukola Saraki the heir to the Saraki Family Corruption Dynasty are severely retarded. They are just smart enough as fools. This is why they fight back with something other than facts since they're impoverished by lies and greed.

Th 81 intelligently disabled senators by passing vote of confidence on the leadership of Saraki means they are birds of the same feather – they're crooks and thieves. A vote of confidence on the leadership of a pathological thief who has nothing to offer the nation but to “steal and kill and destroy”? 

See, the same APC senators who joined the PDP senators to support the leadership of Saraki rode on Buharimania to win the election are the very enemies who are against President Buhari's reformist agenda. See, by winning the election, we thought the stage was set to reclaim our country from the plunderers. But the very enemies are now dictating how not to run the country. 

“As a Senate President,” Saraki assures his colleague fraud senators, “you have given me the responsibility to ensure that our primary responsibility is place on table not under the table.” Really? Who gave you the responsibility? Sir, you became the Senate President by under the table forgery. Meaning you rigged the game! By so doing, in reverse, you have trapped Nigerians under the table.

“It is time,” Saraki continues with his advice, “we remind ourselves of the solemn promise to deliver to our people real change.” Are you serious? How can a trickster like you who hijacked the people's mandate deliver the same people from the same con man? Can you give us example in ancient or contemporary history of a swindler who became a leader  and who delivered his people? 

The battle lines are drawn. The new fire is lit. This is a battle for the soul of Nigeria. The March 28 Democratic Revolution will complete its full course by getting rid of spoilers like Saraki and the 81 senators. No matter what, Nigerians will prevail because our need for progress is stronger than the ignorance, the foolishness, and the idiocy forced upon us by Saraki and the 81 senators.

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