Several Groups Of Protesters Descended Upon The National Assembly On Tuesday

Protesters representing a variety of grievances stormed the Nigerian National Assembly in Abuja on Tuesday.

Among the protesters were the Gbagyis, dressed in their traditional attire, who arrived at the National Assembly to appeal to the Assembly Representatives, and President Muhammadu Buhari, to consider Gbagyisians for ministerial appointments.

Also attending the protest were more than 2,000 young Nigerians who were recruited into the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) but whose appointments were suspended following the removal of David Parading, the former Comptroller General of NIS about two months ago.

Carrying a variety of placards, the NIS recruits protested what they described as the unjust suspension of their appointments.  The recruits also urged the lawmakers to aid them in their efforts to reverse the suspension of their appointments.

In the same vein, supporters of former Governor of Rivers State and ministerial nominee,  Rotimi Amaechi, were also present at the National Assembly demonstration.  They requested that the Senate confirm his appointment as Minister.

However, supporters of former Governor Amaechi will have to wait until Wednesday to know if the Senate will confirm him. The rescheduling of Governor Amaechi’s screening by the Senate is the third such postponement.

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