I predicted more than a year ago that the presidential race is going to come down to a race between Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton and that Hillary would win. I neither speak in tongue nor pretend, as many do in Nigeria, to have a direct communication with God when everything is pointing to or showing the exact opposite.

Dr. Wumi Akintide

Even though Jeb Bush is in deep trouble, and gasping for air to survive right now, I still stand by my prediction. I am doing so because in American politics, you don’t count anybody out.

That Ben Carson is now leading in the polls in Iowa and running second in North Hampshire does not mean he could go on to win the Republican nomination. I hold the same view of Marco Rubio who is beating the Establishment candidate, Jeb Bush who is having a lot of difficulty breaking out of the pack, because he is carrying the political baggage of his family name.  

Donald Trump and Ben Carson are strange front runners, because their Party establishment does not want them, but dare not tell them to their faces. The Party establishment remembers the Ross Perot factor and what it did to them in 1992, and what the Donald Trump and the Ben Carson candidacies could do to them in a contest with Hillary Clinton.

I laugh when Donald Trump said he would be the worst nightmare of Hillary Clinton. I say bring him on, that would be no contest at all. Ben Carson would get the same result and so will Marco Rubio. The only one candidate that could be a challenge, is Jeb Bush. He too would lose, but by a lesser margin than any of the 18 dwarfs challenging Hillary in 2016.

Iowa and New Hampshire are rural states which cannot be equated with mainstream of America. They pride themselves in being the early primary states.  The truth is that these early primaries do not mean anything.  

If you believe that Carson has a pathway to the White House by becoming the Republican nominee, I have an island to sell to you in the Pacific. It is not going to happen because the power brokers in the Republican Party are a lot more concerned about Carson’s skin color than anything he brings to the table as a top notch brain surgeon. The guy is not even a politician and he is nowhere near the genius of an Obama.

They could tap him for Vice President to grudgingly make overtures or to appease the black voting bloc. The Republicans would be the last to want to see another black person in the White House, so soon after Obama. They have done a lot to undermine Obama, and to tell the world he is a bad President.

The Republicans always talk of taking their country back. Anybody who believes that the Republicans would like another black man to succeed Obama, regardless of party labels, has to be a fool. The Republicans are not going to let it happen regardless of what they say to the contrary for public consumption. They are going to find a clever way to dump Carson without overtly appearing so to do.

Let me talk about Marco Rubio for a moment before I end this piece. Any Republican who is open to voting for Marco Rubio, a protégé of Jeb Bush, could predictably switch their vote to Jeb Bush in a split second because Rubio and Jeb belong to the same camp and they bring to the table the same kind of advantage because of their ability to attract Hispanic voters. Rubio is Cuban and Jeb Bush is married to a Mexican woman.

Yes you could say that Rubio is young, and he is a smarter and sharper debater than Jeb, but he is a Cuban immigrant to begin with and he does not have the same appeal and leverage as a Bush in American Politics.  Barbara Bush did Jeb a big favor when she said that America has had enough of the Bushes.  Her statements helped to take the sting out of this comment.  Jeb, as a former Governor of Florida, has executive experience.  However, if you compare his experience with that of Hillary, forget it, he is nothing short of a Lilliputian. He could be President at some point down the road he is just not there yet compared to Hillary if the truth must be told.

Discrimination and male chauvinism run deep in America, but America is getting there and the year 2016 is going to be the moment when the country elects its first female President. I can think of no candidate in the two dominant parties in America today who has as much claim in experience and qualification for President as Hillary Clinton. That is just the plain truth. Hillary is going to join the exclusive club of  Golda Meir, Margaret Thatcher, Angela Merkel, Indira Gandhi, and Sirleaf Johnson.  Hillary is going to be a damn better American President than all of those names combined.

I want to end this article on the same note I began. I say it is easier for a camel’s head to pass through the hole of a needle than for either Ben Carson or Marco Rubio to emerge the Republican nominee for the general election.

Part of the reason Jeb Bush is having so much trouble breaking out of the pack sooner, is the Donald Trump factor.  This factor will make it harder for Jeb Bush to emerge, and much harder for any Republican nominee to have any chance against a well-funded Hillary and a united Democratic Party machine in 2016

I rest my case.           

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