Three years ago Ademola Ade, one of the many who protested former President Goodluck Jonathan’s 2012 decision to remove the fuel subsidy, was shot to death on the streets of Lagos, according to Punch Newspaper. Mr. Ade was killed in Lagos during the height of the #Occupy Nigeria protests.

Ademola Ade

His murderer, Divisional Police Officer Segun Fabunmi was today, sentenced to 10 years imprisonment.  Officer Fabunmi shot and killed Mr. Ade at around 9 AM on January 9th, 2012.  

The police officer had been patrolling the streets of Lagos with a detachment of junior officers at the time of Mr. Ade’s murder. According to the prosecution, Mr. Fabunmi fired his Ak-47 into a crowd of protesters killing Mr. Ade and wounding several more people.

The counsel for Mr. Fabunmi claimed he had no intention to kill anyone, and that the rifle was fired when he attempted to wrest his gun away from a protester.  

The judge rejected the defense counsel’s argument and handed down a sentence of 10 years to for the murder of Mr. Ade and 5 more years for the injuries caused to the other protesters.  Mr. Fabunmi was ejected from the Nigerian Police Officer prior to his trial.

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