President Muhammadu Buhari honored several athletes and sports icons at the State House. Among the athletes present was the 1985 Class of U-16 boys who won the inaugural FIFA Cadet World Cup title when Buhari was a military Head of State.

Buhari Honors Sports Heroes At State House

Also present were men and women basketballers, powerlifter, world scrabble champion Wellington Jighere, boxer Olanrewaju Durodola, the U-17 world champion footballers, and the U-23 Africa Cup of Nations winners.

The ceremony, which was brief but impressive, was attended by the Diplomatic Corps and other officials.

Monetary rewards were also handed out to the athletes, including N2 million for each of the 1985 FIFA U-16 World Cup winners, N1.2 million for the 2015 FIFA U-17 world champions, and N500,000 for each of the U-23 Africa Cup of Nations winners.

The President commended the efforts of the assembled athletes but urged them to continue to push for excellence.

President Buhari also paused for a moment of silence for the late Kingsley Aikhiobare, a member of the U-16 boys who died in 1996.

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