President Muhammadu Buhari is scheduled to depart for France on Wednesday to address a special session of the European Union Parliament in Strasbourg.

Buhari at a meeting with the Nigerian community in Addis Ababa A statement on Monday by presidential spokesman Femi Adesina disclosed that he will travel on to London where he will reportedly attend an event on Syria.  The trips follow closely on the heels of a just-ended state visit to Kenya, as well as to Ethiopia for a meeting of African leaders.

A SaharaReporters source said that during his visit to the United Kingdom, he will undertake a visit to medical doctors in a London hospital.

Our presidency source said President Buhari agreed to participate in the Syrian event because it provides a perfect cover for the medical visit.

The source further said there has been a debate within the presidency about the medical visit, with some of his handlers arguing that the Syrian meeting provides a perfect alibi as the President should not be seen to be sick less than one year after taking power.

It might be recalled that following the six-week postponement of the presidential election, Mr. Buhari spent a prolonged period in London, reportedly to rest.  He subsequently spent another nine days in London to meet with his doctors, returning only one day before his inauguration.

According to the current schedule, President Buhari will return home next weekend if everything goes well.

SaharaReporters has revealed that Mr. Buhari’s personal physician, Suhayb Sanusi Rafindadi, has been playing a prominent role in preparing him for foreign trips in recent months.

Upon his return from London, the President will embark on another trip to the Middle East, visiting Egypt, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia between February 28 and March 3 2016.

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