On Tuesday, the Constitutional Court of South Africa reversed its decision on whether President Jacob Zuma should pay back the state funds he used to upgrade his private residence.

President Jacob Zuma

The court stated it would announce its decision at a later date.

In 2014, a report by one of South Africa’s anti-corruption organizations accused President Zuma of “benefiting unduly” from the “excessive” $23 million upgrades to his home in Nkandla.

Amongst the upgrades for the residency were a swimming pool, amphitheater, and a cattle enclosure.

The South African president has maintained that the renovations were intended to improve security. Last week, he offered to pay back a portion of the money, although he stated that the auditor-general and finance minister determine the amount he owed.

President Zuma’s legal troubles have spawned the #ZumaMustFall movement.  During today’s court proceedings the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters, an opposition Party, protested outside.

Speaking to Al Jazeera English, Julius Malema, the Party’s leader and a one-time ally of Mr. Zuma, warned that unless the South African president was removed the country would become “another failed African state”

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