Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje of Kano State has announced that his administration is prepared to prevail on the State House of Assembly to review the existing laws on waste management and refuse disposal to pave the way for the establishment of mobile courts on refuse disposal.

Kano State Governor, Abdullahi Umar Ganduje

Speaking at the launch of 50 refuse disposal tricycles and other equipment held at the Refuse Management and Sanitation Board (REMASAB) headquarters in Kano on Thursday, Mr. Ganduje said shop owners would be compelled to provide refuse dumps in front of their respective shops for onward disposal to avoid prosecution.

He stated that the establishment of the mobile courts had become necessary for the government initiative on refuse disposal to reach fruition, stressing that his resolve in making Kano State clean remains a cardinal priority of his administration.

Sounding a note of warning to indolent staff on the REMASAB payroll, Mr. Ganduje maintained that his administration was also taking steps to reorganize the refuse collection and disposal outfit for greater efficiency, affirming that staff employed through favoritism or not living up to expectations would be dismissed.

According to the governor, his administration was ever conscious of the need to rid Kano of refuse littering all the nooks and crannies of the metropolis, expressing optimism that with the establishment of the mobile courts the excesses of those making Kano dirty would be checked by the government.

Speaking earlier, REMASAB Managing Director Mahamud Muhammad Kura said his board was appreciative of the effort made by the Ganduje administration to ensure that REMASAB was fully functioning, adding that staff working under his employ had lived up to his expectations.

He said that since he came on board as Chief Executive, there was never a time his request was turned down by the State government. Mr. Kura added that for the objectives governing the establishment of the board to be realistic, the State government had expended the sum of over one billion naira on importing the much needed equipment for refuse disposal.

He further revealed that with the consistent support coming to the board from the office of the executive governor, nothing would prevent him from carrying out his assigned responsibility.

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