A women's rights advocacy group, Amazons for Change, has described expressed the verbal assault on Senator Oluremi Tinubu by Senator Dino Melaye, who represents Kogi West, as the worst conduct in the history of the Nigerian Senate.

The group made its views on the matter known in a statement it issued on Saturday.  Amazons for Change said it has observed the various acts of thuggery involving Melaye, describing the the attack on Senator Tinubu as particularly sad because it happened in the presence of the Senate President, Bukola Saraki and other senators. 

"The latest in the condemnable conduct of Senator Melaye happened in the upper chambers of the 8th Senate on July 13, where he threatened to assault and impregnate Senator Oluremi Tinubu, a respectable married woman and colleague.                                              

"What was more shocking was that this was done in the presence of the Senate President and his deputy, who did nothing to admonish or caution Senator Melaye," the statement said.

"What was more shocking was that this was done in the presence of the Senate President and his deputy, who did nothing to admonish or caution Senator Melaye," the statement said.
The group added that it was especially saddened by Melaye's statement at a press conference, where he said Mrs. Tinubu is already in her menopausal phase.                                                      

"It is appalling that Senator Melaye, whose duty it is to seek legislation that reflects equity, morality, and respect for the Nigerian citizens, irrespective of gender, chose to act in such a despicable manner," Amazons for Change stated.

The group recalled Melaye's history of assault on women, notably his wives, and the fact that he has never been punished for such. It expressed regret at the absence of mechanisms through which the country's women and children could be shielded from the type of vile conduct exhibited by Melaye, saying there is a need to start holding people with such inclinations responsible for their actions.           "Mr. Melaye's recent uncouth remarks in reference to Governor Adams Oshiomhole's wife, his utterances and actions bring the Senate to ridicule and embarrass the country internationally," the group added.

It demanded that Melaye should be sanctioned for his conduct and called in other civil society organisations and the general public to demand that Melaye offers an immediate apology to Mrs.Tinubu and Nigerian women, as his verbal assault on Mrs.Tinubu is an assault on all women.                             

"He even boasted he could do as he pleased and nothing would happen to him, and he verbally carried out that threat with no repercussions whatsoever.                                               

"For that, we also demand an unreserved apology from Senate President Saraki," said the group.

Amazons for Change noted that violence against women and girls is one of the world's most widespread human right violations. This, it explained, takes the form of physical, sexual and psychological abuse as well as harmful cultural practices, which has adverse health and social consequences for individuals, families, and communities. "Violence against women and girls prohibits their overall development, inflicts costs on national economies, and undermines poverty reduction efforts. 

"As change agents, we can clearly see that the country has lost its moral compass, and we need to make efforts to find it quickly before the country descends into total anarchy," it concluded.

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