In the aftermath of Gabonese President Ali Bongo’s contested reelection, aggrieved protesters reportedly set fire to the parliament on Wednesday.

Citizen reports on social media and images began emerging online showing the country's parliament engulfed in flames a little more than an hour ago. The fire has since been confirmed by international news agencies with correspondents in Gabon.

Akwasi Sarpong, a reporter for BBC Africa, reported that the Gabonese military in the capital city has "withdrawn from the precincts of Gabon's parliament which was set ablaze by protesters."

Protests erupted after Mr. Bongo was declared the winner over his chief rival, Jean Ping. 

According to the official results released on Wednesday, the incumbent won 49.8 percent of the vote to Mr. Ping’s 48.23. Mr. Ping had declared himself the winner of the election on Sunday and has continued to insist that the election has been rigged.

Gabon parliament set ablaze

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