When 24-year-old Bakare Babalola Rotimi Jnr was becoming a nuisance in Dublin, Ireland, where he had lived since he was seven, his parents were advised to take him back to Nigeria. 

Rotimi Jnr was the third of Mr. Bakare Babalola Rotimi’s three boys, and a source within the family described him as a stubborn boy. 

“This boy doesn’t even have an education,” the source said. “He has been living in Dublin as a kid and he refused to go school, instead he got addicted to drugs,” the source added. 

In the early hours of Sunday, December 4, Rotimi Jnr, who was passing the night at his parents’ place in Magodo area of Lagos, reportedly stabbed both parents with a knife. A family member revealed that the older Rotimi woke up that night to use the bathroom, and the boy jumped him, ordering his own father to lie on his chest.  He then allegedly brought a knife from behind him and stabbed his father.  His mother rushed to the scene and was similarly stabbed.

Our source said Rotimi Snr. died immediately and his body was moved from the house to the morgue, while the mother made it to the emergency bay on the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway. There she was stabilized before being transferred to the surgery ward at the Lagos General Hospital, where she is currently receiving treatment. 

“He thought he had killed both of them,” a source within the family explained. “After stabbing them, he pulled out a cloth to cover them, and he went to the bathroom to clean up. He got dressed, took his father’s phones, his ATM cards and went straight to the father’s fuel station at Palm Avenue. He got there and started harassing the station manager, demanding for money.” 

Rotimi Jnr was subsequently arrested by the police, and then transferred to the Homicide Section at the Lagos State CID in Panti for further interrogation. The officer in charge of Homicide Section at the State's CID has confirmed to SaharaReporters that Rotimi Jnr is in their custody. "We will charge him to court soon," he told our correspondent.

A family source confirmed that the only issue late Rotimi had with his son was about his education. “Just like his other brother (who is) studying Medicine in the US, he has been begging this boy to go to school and this has always been the cause of the misunderstanding.”

Mr. Rotimi, who was 59, has been buried in his hometown, Ila-Orangun, Osun State. 

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