You can only solve a problem you fully understand. I am not so sure that Trump fully understands the true meaning and importance of governing a complex country like America and making peace with his critics if the word “enemy” is just too strong.

There is no question that Trump is a very smart man, but like Adolf Hitler, he is a devil in his heart. He thoroughly understands the twists and turns of running a business which is based on competition and survival of the fittest.

He knows how to navigate his way in business and how to cheat, manipulate or cut the throat of his competitors or workers to get to where he needs to be as a filthy-rich multi-millionaire, even though his personal wealth and assets may be wildly exaggerated.

All he is now selling is his name or brand. He has now been given the highest platform in the world to do that as President of the United States. The man would live and die in an abominable conflict of interest never before seen in any American president. The American presidency is now up for sale to the highest bidder, I can tell you that.

Trump's approach to business is totally devoid of any conscience or feeling of guilt. He will rob Peter to pay Paul in most of his transactions and business dealings across the board, if he needs to, because that has been his life from the “get go.”

He is a very resourceful builder who could buy a decrepit building for a chicken change, refurbish it and later sell it for ten times the amount he bought it. He once bought a building for $100 million in Manhattan and sold it for $500 million in New York, the real estate capital of the world a few years later. He is a major player in the world of shady business and he is proud of it.

Trump knows how to cut corners and how to avoid paying taxes on most of his assets or getting waivers from paying state or federal taxes for close to 20 years. Spiro Agnew, former Vice President to Richard Nixon, went to jail for tax evasion, but not so for Donald Trump, the artful dodger.

That was how the man made his money by taking undue advantage of the government and American tax payers. He is the best friend and admirer of Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un of North Korea today and he has made no bones about it because the two leaders are his role models. If you think Trump idolizes Abraham Lincoln by giving a sharp salute to his statue in Washington DC, you simply don’t know the Trump. He believed he could get away with "grabbing pussies" and even with murder as a celebrity. Because he regularly breaks the laws himself, he knows how to catch or set traps for outlaws like him out there.

A slave owner like President Lincoln who led the battle to free up all black slaves in America can never be Trump’s role model. I don’t care about his public display of respect and admiration for Abe Lincoln. If he truly means it, he would long have kept his distance from villains like David Duke, a former Ku Klux Klan leader, and his band of terrorists and racial bigots in America and he won’t be talking about protectionism and isolationism the passionate way he has done in the greatest speech of his life.

I see no guarantee he would not do worse as president of the United States. He has openly admitted he would be the first candidate, win or lose, to make a profit out of running for president of the United States.

That statement was bad enough to sink the political fortunes of any other candidate in America. He even had the effrontery to openly embrace Vladimir Putin and beg him to help him hack and retrieve all of the 30,000 e-mails he falsely alleged to have been destroyed by Hillary Clinton.

The 538 wise men and women in the Electoral College still went ahead to make him president, even though they knew he lost the popular vote by the highest margin of 2.86 million, a first in American history.

I have to believe that America was hypnotized to do what she did by the Russian espionage machine which was fully deployed to help Trump win, just like the CIA had once helped Gorbachev to win at the Kremlin. It was pay-back time for Vladimir Putin and he did it with flawless speed and accuracy. America is just too embarrassed to admit the coup but sooner or later the truth shall make them free.     

Donald Trump did not acknowledge in his inaugural address the presence of Hillary Clinton who beat him by close to 3 million votes, but the tigress of a woman was still courageous, magnanimous and patriotic enough to accept his invitation and to show up. Donald Trump gave the false impression he wanted to consider Mitt Romney for the job of Secretary of State. He did it to openly rubbish and ridicule Mitt Romney. Anikulapo Kuti the Nigerian Afro Calypso genius was thinking of Donald Trump when he composed his block buster CD titled, “I no be gentleman at all.”

Former Governor of Ondo State and a member of the PDP Board of Trustees, Olabode George, once threatened that if Jonathan lost the May 29, 2015 election in Nigeria he would go into a voluntary exile elsewhere.

I am tempted to say the same thing about a Donald Trump victory, but I can’t. I cannot say it because I am not sick in the head or delusional and because I know the question would then arise as to where I might relocate to?

I have traveled quite a bit around the world in my capacity as the Secretary to the Joint Economic Commission of Nigeria with the rest of the world. I have searched high and low but still could not find another country greater and better than America. There is no other country I like as much as America.

I see America as the New Canaan and the New Jerusalem that my people in Akure used to sing about. “Ebi npani l’aiye ko si l’Orun rere, Jerusalem O.” Every Christian in Nigeria prays to go to Jerusalem because they think Jerusalem is Paradise.

The first time I visited Israel and Jerusalem, I came to realize I have been misled by my own people. America to me is the new Canaan and the promised land that the Bible talks so much about and not the current Israel which is perpetually in a state of war and is surrounded by enemies left, right and center.

That is why many more Jews live and prosper in America today than those who live at home. Donald Trump will be compounding the Arab provocation by encouraging his new Ambassador to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem as soon as Trump takes office.

In that pronouncement lies the seed of another major war in that volatile region because the Jews by building more settlements in Gaza and the West Bank are actively dispossessing the Palestinians of more of their own land as we speak with criminal impunity and total encouragement of President Trump.

If Christians pray from now to eternity, the pronouncement made by President Trump can only aggravate the tension between the Palestinians and the Jews and lead to more bloodshed in that volatile region. It does not take a Houdini to know that. America is going on a very slippery road with Donald Trump as the new President. America and Israel must brace for more terrorist attacks if Trump implements his agenda in that region.   

That awareness makes me sick to my stomach because I love and treasure America. Left to me alone America does not belong only to the European Americans and the Native Americans, the original owners of the land who now live in concentrated reservations across the country.

I do not subscribe to the kite flown by Donald Trump in his inaugural address last Friday that America should now look more inward to make America great again. I totally disagree with his campaign of calumny that America under Obama has been less great and less secure.

If America truly deserves her reputation as God’s own country by acclamation and consensus then it belongs to all of us, Jews and Gentiles, black and white, rich and poor and minority and majority immigrants from all over the world because America at her core is the quintessential nation of immigrants and the shining city on the hill that Ronald Reagan rightly called her.

We all might have come in different boats to this country, but we are all in the same boat now as reminded us by the great Martin Luther King.

Crazy Donald Trump, the son of an immigrant from Germany, is wrong and totally wrong to imply or insinuate that America belongs to white Americans first and foremost. I say “foul over the bar” like they say in soccer.

America, the New Canaan, belongs to the whole world.

America belongs to you and me and to our children and to generations of our grandchildren born and raised in this country. As long as America remains the leader of the free world, the gospel according to Donald Trump as enunciated in his inaugural address last Friday is dead on arrival.

It cannot fly because it is based on a wrong premise. I prefer America as conceived by Abe Lincoln, FDR and JFK and great Presidents like Bill Clinton and Barack Obama who plead for an America which is not based on protectionism and isolationism like the one canvassed by Donald Trump.

Donald Trump wants to impersonate FDR and Winston Churchill. He wants to create a new order in the world to replace or substantially modify the existing order which give birth to the United Nations, NATO, the European Union, the World Bank, the IMF to mention a few.

Donald wants renegotiate the terms and conditions of trade treaties like NAFTA and TPP on the assumption they are not sufficiently serving the best interest of America as the only surviving super power.

He wants to borrow a script from the play book of Communist countries like Russia and China which are not totally happy that all of those institutions were the brain child of America and her allies. Russia and China could benefit the most if those institutions were to be taken apart rather than simply consolidated here and there by America like Trump is doing to Obamacare by repealing it altogether. A total repeal makes no sense.

I could trust more disciplined and more stable and wiser American leaders to lead such an effort but never a Donald Trump with his shoot-from- the-hip kind of approach to solving serious and complex problems.

If the Donald Trump is that wise and intelligent, he would not have filed for 6 major bankruptcies and would never have failed to release his tax returns till now, so we could all get to know the reality, the depth and the purity of his business ethics and a lot more about his integrity.

Americans are being made to buy a pig in the poke by electing Donald Trump who is just too scared and petrified to let Americans into the secret of his success as a businessman and right now as the new President of America. He is like a job applicant who went into an intensive and protracted job interview but refusing to answer to any questions raised on his padded resume.

Donald Trump would not release his tax returns up till now and he has got a free ride to the White House by breaking all the rules and cajoling Americans to just trust him but not verify his credentials as demanded by Ronald Reagan.  

He remains to me a con artist per excellence who has survived thus far thru a combination of factors including a little help from the KGB and Vladimir Putin and an insider job from the FBI Director James Comey to find his way to the White House.

Sooner or later the truth shall come out but it would be too little too late but it could well end or rubbish and tarnish his Presidency forever. I see a worse caricature of Richard Nixon in Donald Trump. I express all these fears as a naturalized American and as the father of 2 young Americans proudly serving in the US Navy and making a huge difference as we speak

I have sacrificed more for America than the man who has just been elected the 45th President of the United States and who wants to put in jeopardy the work of 44 Presidents before him by pretending he wants to chart a new course for America without counting the cost or doing his homework, and without any sober reflections on history as his moral compass. 

The Republicans are now jumping into his band wagon not because they are not scared by some of his rhetoric and goals and his dubious ethics. They are embracing him today because he has paved the way for them to regain the White House by all means. They are embracing him because they all want to discredit and delegitimize Obama and not give him credit for anything the young man has done in his 8 glorious years in the White House.

If Trump and the Republicans have their way, they would gladly resurrect Osama Bin Laden today and kill him one more time because they do not want a black President to earn or claim the everlasting credit for making history like that. That is why Donald trump is now talking of wiping out ISIS from the surface of the Earth - a euphemism for trying to re-enact the myth of Osama Bin Laden.

I will end this article the same way I started it. Trump’s definition of American greatness is delusional, myopic, dangerous and totally unattainable.

America is impoverished and diminished when America is isolated from the rest of the world, much like China, Japan and Russia used to be before they realized damn too late that isolationism and protectionism did not serve their best interest.

Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger opened up China for that reason before Nixon was forced to resign from the Presidency. Russia went to Afghanistan to break the logjam of American domination of the Indian region. Russia went to Cuba, Venezuela and Syria today for the same reason.  China is currently making inroads right now to Africa for the same reason.

The rail road transportation and the airports and agrarian revolution in Nigeria and Sudan and other countries in Africa are now in the hands of the Chinese. They are actively challenging America in Africa.  Russian Vladimir Putin in particular is making some inroads to Africa to create a level playing field with America around the world and to find their own Gorbachev in Donald Trump.

Donald Trump saying America should pay attention to America first and foremost and not support the other nations like she used to do as the senior partner and ally is a huge retrogression for America because no nation under the sun however powerful can ever solve world problem thru isolation and intimidation like the one canvassed by Donald Trump.

The Obama approach and the Obama definition of Greatness for America are far more superior and durable and attainable than anything Donald Trump is offering. That is the bitter truth that Donald Trump and his supporters across the country don’t want to hear as they embark on their one way ticket journey to oblivion.

I rest my case.            
Dr. Wumi Akintide

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