I put the blame for the election of Donald Trump, the craziest and the phoniest President in the 240 years of American History on the American Constitution which is crying for the most fundamental amendment to its provision on the Electoral College Malady. For you to full understand the tragedy of the Trump Presidency, you have to watch Alec Balwin of Saturday Night Live and Steve Colbert who replaced the great David Letterman of CBS News. I watch both programs every week and I could barely hold my breath. America is in big trouble.

I make this statement as an American father with two young boys currently serving proudly in the US Military. If anything bad were to happen to America, my stake in that eventuality is far much greater than that of Donald Trump. I therefore reserve the right to speak up as a patriotic and law-abiding citizen of the greatest country on Earth.

I am fully aware in making this statement that many Constitutional pundits and experts in the World who are far more qualified than I am, have described the same American Constitution as the “8th Wonder of the World” because they have based their overall assessment not just on the Electoral College provision in it but on the whole document as a whole compared to other nations’ Constitutions around the world. We all have today the White House in turmoil compared to the Clinton, Bush and Obama White House.

Don’t get me wrong. I praise the American Founding fathers for also realizing what Socrates the World’s greatest teacher once predicted that “Anything made by men and even things made by God Almighty can be infinitely improved”  when they made provision for Amendments to be made and added  to the Constitution thru legislation from time to time to make it more perfect. I cannot now recall how many of such Amendments have now been made to the Constitution hitherto.

My simple goal in this write-up is to submit that The Constitution is overdue for another amendment to its particular provision which unilaterally implies for purposes of logic and rational thinking that the vote of 538 randomly selected Americans put together must supersede and override the popular votes of all eligible voters put together in all of the 50 States of America and that the views or the interest of smaller states like Vermont, Montana and others should not just be reckoned with but must be placed on equal footing with the decision of voters from bigger and more sophisticated states and more highly populated states like California, New York, Texas, Florida, Illinois, and New Jersey to mention a few.

It includes the decision of voters from rich California with a population of 33 million people and the sixth largest economy in the whole World as well as the Entertainment Capital of the World. It includes the decision of voters from New York with a population of 29 million people and the Financial Capital of the World, the Real Estate Capital of the World and the gateway to America.

While I agree that that the smaller states and the five swing states of America, of Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania  are important and should be factored into the national equation on determining who becomes President, it is a crazy irony that the most sophisticated and the greatest Bastion of Democracy in the World and the Leader of the Free World has now made the case thru its Electoral College Nonsense that 538 is superior to the more than  135 million people that voted in that election. The greatest mathematicians like Chike Obi of Nigeria and the others around the World would have as much problem as I do with that kind of logic.

The Electoral College provision in the American Constitution is what has produced the phoniest candidate America has ever elected as President based on the premise I have just described.

Donald Trump lost to Hillary Clinton by close to 3 million votes in the last election He got 306 out of 538 hand-picked  electors  which included only 33 of those electors from California, 29 from New York and29 from Florida  to mention a few. It is the most undemocratic contraption as far as I am concerned and it makes America look and sound like the defunct Soviet Union and many of those Communists states like China, North Korea where 2 plus 2 can be 20 or 100 depending on who is doing the calculation.

The mere fact that each of the 50 states in the union elects 2 Senators to the US Senate and a proportionate number of Congressmen to the US House of Representatives should have sufficed. Adding the Electoral College to the mix is clearly a stretch right now in my opinion.

I therefore think the time has come to review and repeal the provision once and for all. Repealing and replacing Obamacare is a total misplacement of priorities by the current illegitimate Republican Presidency of the United States which has produced the worst candidate ever to be elected the Landlord of the Peoples House in Washington DC.

How did we get the crazy spectacle we all watched on Television yesterday when President Trump spent 71 minutes talking thrash and making people wonder about what he must have been smoking a few minutes before he showed up on camera?  I couldn’t believe my eyes as I saw the President turn an agenda setting moment to a laughing stock of a President who has taken a script from the play book of the KGB by using Disinformation Espionage and optical illusion like what Houdini would have done to confuse his audience.

He has not used the bully pulpit to lay out what he wants to accomplish like other Presidents before him. It was an extraordinary New Conference that makes you want to cry for America as you compare his performance to that of his immediate predecessor the first black President, the one and only Barack Hussein Obama whose presidency would be remembered in pretty much the same way like the happy days of the Camelot the youngest and the most charismatic American President, the incredibly handsome John Fitzgerald Kennedy of blessed memory.

The only person I can think of is a mad woman as I watched Donald Trump take the whole world for a ride on Television yesterday by praising himself in superlatives while lambasting others including the News Media and anyone who dares to disagrees with him or criticize him. The name of the mad woman is “Oron Jonjon” meaning a jigsaw puzzle of a stalemate or crisis in Akure or Yoruba dialect as I recall. She used to roam the streets of Akure the Ondo State Capital of Nigeria in my teenagers years in Akure in the 60s and 70s.

Nobody knew where the mad women came from or what name her parents gave her. Akure people called her “Oron Jonjon” for lack of any other name to give her because. She went around Akure repeating the words “Oron Jonjon” more than a million times a day. She was neither violent nor offensive. If you offered her money she took it without saying “thank you” She simply walked away repeating her chorus “Oron Jonjon” “Oron Jonjon” Now looking back, the only thing I could think of yesterday as I looked at him in total horror and frustration as he displayed unmitigated buffoonery on television was “Oron Jonjon” which could also mean a tragedy or an unmitigated disaster that would not go away. I could almost weep for America my beloved America, a nation I so much loved.

I used to tell my friends before Donald Trump showed up that anyone who manages to emerge President in America regardless of party labels has to have something going for him to ever emerge as President. I did not believe that any nincompoop could ever find his way to the presidency of the greatest nation on Earth because the system has been so perfected that such a person could never have made it thru the Primary Season talk less of the real presidential campaign itself which normally takes up to a year when every candidate or presidential hopeful has to go thru an inescapable baptism of fire that all American candidates must of necessity go thru. It is what makes America such a wonderful experiment in human history.

I used to tell my friends that any candidate who is not an eloquent speaker can go but so far in American Politics. The great Richard Nixon of California, one of the best Presidents before his Watergate scandal said it best when he said that successful candidates for the Presidency campaign in poetry but governs in prose. What he was actually saying was that the way you campaign for that office is not exactly the same way you govern. He also implied with that statement that your vocabulary has to be very rich for you to be a great communicator which is what Americans expect from anybody who would be President of the greatest nation on Earth.

I don’t think that anybody ever imagined or anticipated that an empty barrel that is as eloquently-challenged and limited in his vocabularies as Donald Trump could ever make it to the White House. You have to scratch your head in total frustration if you put Trump on a ranking scale with the great communicator like, JFK, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton or Barack Obama all of whom can move a mountain with their eloquence and power of language. “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” in JFK’s inaugural address was one of the greatest inaugural speeches of all time. “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall” is a simple statement by Ronald Reagan that the whole world would never forget.

“There is nothing wrong with America that cannot be corrected with what is right with America“is a once in a life-time statement by Bill Clinton. Barack Obama delivered so many one liners that made him one of the greatest orators in the World “There is no white or blue America, there is only one America and we are all Americans first and foremost” These are immortal, ageless powerful statements we quite often expect from American Presidents and any candidate who is lucky to be elected the President of the greatest country on Earth. If most of them are not as eloquent as a Winston Churchill or a Mario Cuomo or a Martin Luther King, or a Ronald Reagan, we expect most of them to be able to minimally be able to express themselves in Queen’s English and not in guttersnipe language like Donald Trump are most notorious for. 

I don’t know about you. I am of the opinion that Donald trump does not measure up to this high expectation  as the first KGB =sponsored illegitimate President of the United States who spent much of his 71 minutes Press Conference yesterday defending Vladimir Putin and the virtues of rogue dictators around the world like Kim Jong UN of North Korea  and telling anyone who will listen  that he reserves the right to be nice to Putin because Putin has been nice to him to the extent of calling him a genius  and promising he would be much tougher on Putin that Hillary could ever have been expected to do.

The performance was a complete outrage to say the least. He Donald Trump denied any appeasement to Putin saying that the whole Russian thing was a ruse. He kept on sending mixed message that would send shrills down the spines of American allies around the World from Europe to Australia and Canada and in Japan and South Korea and in countries like Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Iraq and in nuclearized India and Pakistan.

“America ti doko dele Danimo” by electing Donald Trump as President meaning in Yoruba language that America has married the wrong husband. She has hit the rock bottom by electing a President of the caliber of a Donald Trump.

It is only a question of time before the whole world is turned upside down the way America is going. I lie to you if I tell you it is not a scary development because it is far much easier to destroy than to build. The guy has a gross misconception of his role as President.

He thinks his supporters are happy as long as he continues to rubbish the Media and thrash the woman who beat the hell out of him by close to 3 million votes thereby making him an illegitimate President in his narcissistic mind till the end of time. Every time he flies the Air Force One or enters the Beast he suddenly remembers he is a usurper and he takes out his anger and frustration on the 3 million voters that chose Hillary over and above him.

I have never seen a man agonize or suffer Paranoia from losing to a woman and being labeled as a KGB-sponsored American President for the rest of his life pretty much like Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin were labelled as CIA-sponsored President of the former Soviet Union. Sooner or later the truth is going to come out to rubberstamp the fact.  

I rest my case.      

Dr. Wumi Akintide

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