The Federal High Court in Ikoyi, Lagos, today threatened to order the arrest of the Attorney-General (AG) of Oyo State, Oluwaseun Abimbola, and the Director of Investment in the Ministry of Finance, Yinka Fatoki, should they continue to ignore its order to produce some vital documents concerning the criminal trial of Rasheed Ladoja, a former governor of the state.

Justice Mohammed Idris made the remark in response to a claim by Ladoja’s counsel, Bolaji Onilenla, that the AG and Mr. Fatoki have refused to respond to that order, and that the officials have given no reason for their noncompliance. 

Mr. Onilenla also affirmed that the documents are vital in the cross-examination of the prosecution witness, Adewale Atanda, who was the Senior Special Executive Assistant to Mr. Ladoja.

"We have written letter to some Oyo State government officials, specifically AG of the state and one Mr. Fatoki but till now, no response for the production of those documents," he informed the court.

“They have not offered any reason why they have treated the order of the court with disdain, General” Onilenla continued, adding “the documents are germane to our defense and we intend to use them through the gentleman in the witness box”.

Onilenla then informed the court that if the two men have not complied by tomorrow, he would file an application for their arrest.

In his brief response, Justice Idris said, “I have checked through the records of the court and discovered that the Oyo state officials, including Yinka Fatoki, director of investment in the ministry of commerce and Att General of Oyo state, were duly served the warrant of summons issued and signed by this court.  Since this process were served, all the people have the responsibility and duty to appear in court.”

He warned that the court frowns at public officials who have been served but refused to honor the process of court. “The court will issue warrant for their arrest and production in court. Let them be warned that they must appear in court tomorrow."

The judge then adjourned the matter to tomorrow, April 13.

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