Nigerian stand-up comedian Atunyota Alleluya Akpobome, popularly referred to as Alibaba, has said that the Nigerian government does not care about its people, arguing that the government is more concerned with the well-being of politicians than it is with investing in the nation’s youth.

He made the statement on Thursday during the social change submit, a program organized by the Co-creation Hub and sponsored by the Omidyar Network.

Speaking as one of the keynote speakers, Alibaba said the Nigerian government would rather repair the airports than fix the roads, which are the major means of transportation for the vast majority of Nigerians.

“The government doesn’t care about the youths and that’s why their investments are not directed towards them. That is why they repair the airports where they land but leave the roads where we ride,” he said.

He stated further that the country’s judicial system needs to be overhauled, adding that Senate President Bukola Saraki’s acquittal demonstrates the incompetence of the legal system.

“If Saraki was guilty, they should have found him guilty... If we believe he was guilty and he was acquitted, then it can’t be us, it can’t be Saraki, it is the system. Because if he was guilty, the system should have found him guilty,” Alibaba said.

Alibaba went further to say if Mr. Saraki was acquitted because the prosecution could not prove its case, then the problem lies in the system, not the people.

The stand-up comedian also blamed the people for their complacency in thoroughly combating corruption in the country.

“We have a people who are uninformed, disenfranchised, neglected and forgotten in the normal things that they should get,” he said.

He cited the Twitter agitation to free Evans, the recently arrested kidnap kingpin, and blamed such demands on ignorance.

“There is a trend in this country that people do not know the consequences of letting people get away with crime.”

He encouraged accomplished professionals to mentor young talents who are open to learn. He urged the bigwigs in the country to open up their platforms for youths and share with them the knowledge they have gathered over the years.

“I believe that a lot of young creative people need mentorship but it also boils down to who these people really are.  The problem we always have is that people who have achieved greatness are not able to pass it on. A lot of people do not want to be a source, they want to be a sorcerer,” he said.

Watch the video of SaharaReporters’ exclusive interview with Alibaba below:

Nigeria: Ali Baba Speaks On Corruption In The Civil Service, Free Evans Campaign


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