Opposition platform, Kowa Party (KP), on Tuesday, kicked off its policy conference, with the objective of engaging the challenges facing the country and proffering solutions them.

The party made this known in a statement issued in Lagos, where the conference is holding. According to the statement, the three-day conference, tagged “Covenant with Nigerians” has seen experts present policy papers on education, healthcare, infrastructure, security, economy and the party’s overall strategy for reinforcing its structure.

“The policy conference will have sessions on these sectors and debates on the presented papers will be entertained on the second and the third day of the conference,” the statement said.

The conference opened with debates on the overall party strategy and submissions were taken from professionals within the party after the presentation of a policy paper Mr. Igwe Uchenna, a lawyer.

At the session, Mr. Poju Oni, a US-based social justice advocate, emphasized the need for the country to have leaders with integrity, adding that KP should endeavor to attract leaders who must have proven themselves in their chosen fields.

KOWA Party conference

“Anyone who has integrity and leadership qualities can aspire to lead and KOWA is presenting people who understand that it is not about who you are or what you can bring out but how you can serve people,” said Mr. Oni.

National Chairman of the party, Mr. Saidou Bobboi, said discussions and contributions on the opening day were fruitful and impressive. He added that decisions made by the party will be presented on the last day of the conference in a communiqué enunciating the party’s position.

National Youth Leader of the party, Mr. Jude ‘Feranmi, moved a motion for the adoption of direct primaries in selecting the party’s flagbearers. The motion, seconded by Mr. Ayo Lijadu, an actor, will be considered at the National Executive Committee meeting of the party.

While the merits and otherwise of direct primaries were debated, it was widely agreed that the party will allow all its members to decide candidates beginning with the Osun State governorship candidate next year.

 Mr. Gboyega Sangonunga, a member of the party’s professional group, said the most important thing to the party is ensuring that the vote of every member counts.

 “I think we have had a clear statement and agreement from the members and the leadership of the party that the party is going to put in place a process where everybody’s vote counts within the party. We are doing this not just because we think it’s a winning electoral strategy, but because it is the right thing to do for our people,” he said.

National Secretary of the party, who doubles as its Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Mark Adebayo, said the debate on direct primaries has been going on for a long time, but the motion moved by the National Youth Leader has put an end to it and shows that the way forward is to conduct direct primaries.


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